Lokesh Gamer: Free Fire ID, real name, country, stats, and more

Free Fire has seen massive increase in the number of players in the last couple of years, making itself as one of most played games available on mobile platforms. With the growth in players the creation of content and streaming on this game also have seen an increase.

Lokesh Gamer is one of the most well-known Indian Free Fire YouTubers, and this article focuses on his personal details and game-related information. Lokesh Gamer is among the most well-known players in the current game. He has a devoted following of fans via YouTube and is among the most loved players on the market.

The real name of Lokesh Gamer and the free Fire ID

As per his Instagram profile His real name is Lokeshraj. His Free Fire ID is 220528068.

The stats of Lokesh Gamer

Lifetime statistics

Lokesh Gamer has featured in 3155 match-ups with the squad and has won at six72 games, achieving his win rate of 21.29 percent. With an K/D ratio of 2.32, he has scored an impressive 5767 kills.

When it comes to dual mode of play, the author has played in 1473 games and beaten his opponents in the 142of them, achieving an average win rate of 9.64 percent. He has racked up the equivalent of 2438 kills, with an K/D ratio in the range of 1.83.

Additionally the YouTuber has played at eleven76 single-player games. He is averaging an impressive 124 first-place finishers, and has the winning percentage of 10.54 percent. As a result it has earned him 2098 fragments, which is an K/D ratio in the range of 1.99.

Statistics ranked

In the current season of ranked play streaming player has played at 101 match-ups with the squad and was without a loss during thirty-one games, with the win rate of 30.69 percent. By racking up the total of 231 kills, he’s maintained a K/D rate in the range of 3.30.

In duo mode, the internet sensation has been featured for the duo mode in 28 contests and has Five Booyahs. This equates to a winning percentage of 17.85 percent. He has racked up the sum of 58 kills in the duo mode, which is an K/D ratio that is 2.52.

Lokesh Gamer has also participated in the equivalent of threematches in solo mode, and has an only top-three finish. He has defeated 13 opponents with a K/D rate in the range of 6.50.

His YouTube channel

The very first video posted on Lokesh Gamer’s profile dates back to January 2019. Since then, he’s posted 545 videos and collected more than 394 millions views. Its Free Fire player currently boasts an enormous subscriber count of 5.63 million.

You can click this link to go to the channel on YouTube.

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