MrStiven Tc’s Free Fire MAX ID, stats, K/D ratio, headshots, and YouTube income 2024

Free Fire’s MAX version has seen great success for many players and content creators. MrStivenTC is one of the most prominent names among players who have experienced unparalleled growth and are now world-famous.

The Colombian has a YouTube channel that has 9.56 million subscribers. He streams battle royale and uploads highlights. He also streams on Twitch where he has over 1.2 million subscribers.

MrStiven Tc’s FREE Fire MAX ID details

MrStiven Tc has an ID of 10887979 in Free Fire MAX. He is now Heroic in the BR-Ranked, and Bronze 1 in CS-Ranked.

These are his stats in the battle royale title:

Stats for life

MrStiven has won 11.80% of the 3880 solo matches. He has been undefeated in 458 of these matches. He has collected 13109 frags and landed 5007 headshots. This gives him a kill-to death ratio of 3.83 and 38.20% respectively.

He has scored 502 Booyahs during 2752 duo games and achieved a win rate 18.24%. He has 10551 kills and 3914 headshots. This translates to a K/D ratio ratio of 4.69, and a headshot ratio ratio of 37.10%.

The streamer has also made 9610 appearances in squad and outplayed his opponent in 2526 encounters. This equates to a win rate 26.28%. At a K/D ratio 4.82 and a headshot percentage of 38.37%, he has accumulated 34114 eliminations.

Ranking stats

YouTuber, who competed in one solo game, has scored four kills (all headshots), for a kill to death ratio of 4 and a headshot rate of 100%.

Online star, however, has only participated in 16 duo matches and has yet to score a kill. He has however managed 56 frags and 36 headshots. This translates to a K/D ratio between 3.50 and 64.29%.

This Free Fire MAX season has seen the broadcaster win 14 of 64 ranked squad games, which is a win rate of 21.87%. He has won 332 eliminations and secured 202 headshots. This gives him a K/D ratio 6.64 and 60.84%, respectively.

Note: MrStivenTC’s Free Fire MAX stats are from 25 July 2023. They can change as MrStivenTc plays in more battle royale games.

Monthly income

Social Blade estimates that MrStivenTC’s YouTube channel makes between $1.8K and $29.5K per month. His monthly income is estimated to be between $22.1K and $354K.

YouTube channel

MrStivenTC began content creation with a focus on Bullet Force. In early 2018, he switched to Free Fire. In recent years, his streams and gameplay clips have gained a huge following.

Before 2020, the player had 2.6 million subscribers and finished the year with 5.56million subscribers. This figure has now reached 9.56 million subscribers.

He also has more than 1350 uploads to the channel which have accumulated more than 1.041 million views.

In the past 30 days, he’s gained 30k subscribers and posted 7.375 million views.

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