New Dancing Effect in All New Honor Series in PUBG Mobile

New dancing effect in all new honor series in the pubg mobile game, hey gamers a welcome back to our blog and today I am going to share the latest update of the pubg mobile game.

So in the player unknown battleground game now you are going to get a new dancing effect of the latest event whose name is the all new honor series.

So this is the latest update or you can call the latest event in the game honor series is one of the best event which has been launched in the game ,because in this all new honor series you are able to get a lot of premium items including the epic skin.

and even though the premium outfit suits so the premium of it suits are available in this all new honor series, which you will be able to obtain by using the crystals or the fragments and.

also you can purchase them very instantly by using the unknown cash.

and after some time at the pubg mobile has launched the new update in the game of the all new honor series and in this event you are going to get a new dancing effect which will be added to your outfit.

When your partner and you wear the same outfit in the lobby and when you wear a new and premium outfit, the new dancing effect will be triggered and you can enjoy it by seeing it.

Get new premium outfits of new honor series

Get new premium outfit sets of new honor series, as I told you that the pubg mobile,player unknown battleground game has launched a new update for the event in the game.

which includes a lot of EPIC items such as the weapon skins, car skin, helmet skin and also the premium outfit.

So in the new honor series you are able to obtain the premium outfits sets so in the new update you can get the temperance  you and the lover’s Grace outfits that are available, and these both premium outfits are available for free.

and even you can purchase them by spending the unknown calcium if you want to do that outfit for free.

then you have to get the crystals ,and the fragments and using them in the wheel spin you will be able to get these premium outfit sets.

Time duration of this event

Time duration of this event ,there are a lot to the gamers who are searching on the internet for the time duration of the new all new honor series update in the game

because some of the gamers have their exams and they cannot play the game at the time.

so they wanted to get the new and the premium outfit and Epic items after their work is done.

The duration of this exclusive event is about 1st June to 31 July. So this is a time duration of the event in which you are able to obtain the premium and the Epic items and after this time you will,

not be able to get those items so you have to wait for some months when the pubg mobile will  relaunch this event.

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