New features introduced on VALORANT test servers: VALORANT Leaks

VALORANT Leaks New features have been were introduced on VALORANT testing servers. In the days after VALORANT Champions Tour 2024 concluded, Riot Games introduced multiple skins in this season. If you buy skins frequently within this game,

then it may cause a lot of hassle to search over your selection. Don’t worry, as the developers of VALORANT are currently investigating new features to solve this problem. Based on VALORANT Leaks twitter handle”Favorites” & Filters features were added to one of the servers that test the game.

Let’s see what these features can bring to the game.


The developers have also added an capability to allow players to choose their favorite gunskin skins, Player cards sprays Gun Buddies, and the borders of their level. The selection that is the most liked remains until the player decides to remove it.

In the event of using the filter feature players can make use of the option to sort their game collection. The filtering will remain in place until the time the player logs in again in the game.

Here are a few filter choices available:

  • Gun skins: Owned/Unowned, Favorites/Non-Favorites, and Tiers (Players can select between Deluxe, Premium, Ultra, and Exclusive)
  • All other options: Owned/Unowned, Favorites/Non-Favorites

Valorant Leaks New features are implemented on the test servers of VALORANT.


Players will be able to browse their collections of skins and weapons quickly with these tools. In addition to setting their own preference manually, they can now also have a random favorite for each kind of weapon.

When the player joins a brand newly created game, they are given one of their most-loved weapons and one of the other variants they have. The weapon is given to the player randomly each when they join a game.

Keep an eye out for like the most recent news as well as leaks and news of VALORANT and its Esports community.

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