New Honor Series Launch in PUBG Mobile

New honor series launch in pubg mobile hello friends, I am here with another exclusive article in this informative article I will give you the latest update about the pubg mobile,player unknown battleground game.

So now a new honor series is going to be launched in the action shooting online and the multiplayer game whose name is pubg.

So if you don’t know about the pubg mobile, pubg mobile is one of the best action ,shooting and multiplayer and one of the best open world games in which you have to pick up different kinds of weapons.

and then you have to fight with the enemies to eliminate them to win the match, so in this game after 1 to 2 months a new update comes,

 So now the new honor series is going to be launched in this game.

And in this new honor series you are going to collect a lot of items such as the latest outfit with premium outfits sets.

and even though very cool weapons which include different weapons are added so I will tell you what new outfits are available in this new honors series.

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Get latest premium outfit and weapon skins

Get the latest premium outfit and weapon skins. As I told you that the pubg is one of the best action , shooting games and now the latest and the new honor series is going to be released in this game.

So this series includes a lot of items and also new effects and even new locations are going to be added to the map.

which you will be experiencing when this series will be available in the game for the users.

So there are new outfits and also the weapon sets are available and you are able to get them by completing the tarks or spending the unknown cash.

So the unknown cash is the in-game currency which you have to purchase by spending the real money on the game, and then you will be able to use those premium items.

Temperance virtue set

So in the latest and the new honor series includes the temperance virtue set for this is the very best and the exclusive outfits at which is now available in the game.

and you’re able to get temperance virtue set by purchasing it from the spin wheel or you can open the creates by spending the unknown cash.

Lovers grace outfit

Lovers Grace is also the outfit site which is now going to be released in the new honor series so this set includes the weapon skin.

and also the set which you will have to buy in the game or if you are lucky in your skills then you can eliminate more enemies to win these outfits in the wheel spin.

Divine moon skin

Divine moon skin is a weapon that you are going to get in the latest honor series in this series,

as I told you that you are going to use the outside as well as you are able to get the divine moon so this is the weapon skin of the AK 47 or AKM gun skin.

Golden feather akm

Golden feather is one of the best and the exclusive premium gun skin which is now available in the world famous action,shooting game pubg mobile.

So this is the skin of the AKM weapon which is available in this game so this is based on the golden theme and also there are a lot of kill effects available in the game.

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