New PUBG Mobile Upgrade- ACE32 Beam Blast

New PUBG Mobile Upgrade- ACE32 Beam Blast

New PUBG mobile upgrade, there are many people who play PUBG and they know when the new upgrade comes in PUBG it comes with many new things such as gun skins, car skin or a new map but now the new PUBG mobile upgrade comes with the latest Ace32 beam blast skin

Yes you hear right that is ACE32 this gun comes with the new skin which is called beam blast and this is the best and the exclusive skin of this assault rifle in the PUBG mobile player unknown battleground.

You can get this skin and can apply this on a ACE32 asult rifle and enjoy your magic with this magical assault rifle

How To Get ACE32 Beam Blast Skin

How to get a ACE32 beam blast skin ,so friends you don’t have to take tention because you can easily get the ACE32 beam blast skin in your game and can apply it on this best assault rifle and can eliminate enemies easily in any match,

You can easily get this beam blast new latest skin for a ACE32 assault rifle with unknown-cash if you have a unknown cash you can easily get the new beam blast skin for ACE32 gun but if you don’t have it you can also obtain it.


  • Go to the shop in pubg mobile game,
  • Find ACE32 assault rifle and select the beam blast skin.
  • Now just click on unlock button
  • Here you go the exclusive beam blast skin is your
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  • Go to shop in PUBG mobile,
  • Click on creates option.
  • Now select premium creat
  • And try to obtain it from premium creat for free

Get Gun Skins With Unknown cash (UC)

Get gun skins with a unknown-cash (UC) ,so friends if you are a player of pubg mobile  player unknown battleground and you are a pro player and you want to get gun skins in your ID and wanted to upgrade your inventory items, so friends you don’t have to get tension because now you can get skins with unknown cash which is also known as (UC).

You can easily buy any gun skin like you can buy the gunskins of Akm and M416 or any gun whatever you want so if you want to buy it with unknown cash firstly you have to buy the unknown cash with real money and also you can buy the PUBG mobile UC packages.

After buying the unknown cash in PUBG mobile you can go to the shop and can buy any skin of any gun you want to upgrade there are many types of guns such as legendary fashion or normal guns skin and there are most expensive gun skins which are known as upgradable gun skins

How to Earn Rewards from Special Event

How to earn rewards from especiall event, there are many peoples searching on the internet how to earn rewards from special event because after every week or every month the new special event comes in the PUBG mobile player unknown battleground and you can earn rewards by playing the special events.

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In the rewards you can earn a unknown,cash gun ,car skin or many other inventory items such as legendary outfits but firstly you have to read the requirements of especiall event such as you have to play a match and then collect eight energy drinks and you will be rewarded with the inventory item.

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