New State Mobile brings an optional update for iOS users, Check details

New State Mobile Offers an Optional Update for iOS Users – Hey Survivors! An optional update is being prepared for survivors using iOS devices, which will be available on the App Store starting February 22nd.

Check out the update details below, and choose if you want to download this update before jumping back into Battlegrounds! This notice will be updated if any changes are made to the update.

Note: Since this is an optional update, you can still play the game if you choose not to download this update.

New State Mobile brings optional update for iOS users, check details

[Optional update notice]

  • Update version: February 22, 01:30 (UTC+0)
  • details:
  • general
  • Optimization updates implemented for iOS devices
  • Update notes:
  • This update is only available for iOS devices on the Apple App Store.
  • If you encounter problems downloading the update, please force quit the app or restart your device and try downloading the update again.
  • Depending on your location and network conditions, the update may become available in Store apps later.
  • If the update button is not showing properly in the Store app, follow the steps below:
  • [Apple App Store]
  • In the App Store, search for [PUBG: NEW STATE], then click [Update] to download the update.
  • Tap the profile icon or your profile picture (top right), then scroll down to see pending updates. Find [PUBG: NEW STATE] and click “Update” to download the update.
  • If the Update Now button appears even after a new version of the app is available, close the App Store and then restart the app.

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