New State Mobile Latest Update: 0.9.24 Update

New update 0.9.24 has been released in New State Mobile (PUBG: New State). Several game bugs are fixed in this new update 0.9.24. Besides, Team Deathmatch mode in this Battle Royale game from Krafton has also seen a huge improvement. Not only that, the new Arena map has also been included in the game for 4×4 mode.

With this update, Krafton has made a double gift for New State Mobile users. In fact, along with the improvements in the update, many new rewards and events have also been included.

These events are included in the new update of New State Mobile

  1. New State 100 Days Event – This event is organized upon the completion of the 100 days of New State Mobile’s worldwide launch. The event, which began on February 18, will conclude on February 25 at 5:30. As part of the 100th Day Round Deathmatch event, users will be awarded 10 Chicken Medals, 10 Royal Chest Tickets and 10,000 Battle Points as special rewards.

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  1. The MBTI Love Event and Weekend Daily Gift Event – MBTI Love are included in the game on February 10th, which will run until March 16th. Apart from this, Weekend Daily Gift event has also been organized. In this case, users will be awarded chests, royal chest tickets, and chicken medals. This event will run for two days on February 25 and February 26.

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  1. New Mode-Round Deathmatch – Let us tell you that Round Deathmatch is included in the new update of New State Mobile. There are 7 rounds given in the new 4×4 Deathmatch mode, where the team has to win at least 4 rounds to win the match. A new Arena map has also been added to this mode of the game, which will make the game very exciting.

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Apart from this, Survivors Pass is also included in the new update 0.9.24 for New State Mobile. Let us tell you that this is the fourth volume of the Survivors Pass.

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