Latest Premium Mercury outfit set Available in PUBG

Latest premium Mercury outfits available in the pubg mobile game, hey  gamers how you doing. I am here with another exclusive article so today I will tell you how you can get the latest premium Mercury outfits set in the pubg game,so as you know that the pubg mobile is one of the best action,shooting,online and the multiplayer game which is famous.

All around The world so as you know that this game include many different updates and the events, so now in the latest update your going to get the free over the paid premium Mercury outfits set which is now available in the game for the limited time

There are different kinds of legendary outfit sets available in the game but they don’t have the effects which you can update or upgrade but the Mercury outfit set is one of the premium outfits which are the coolest outfit sets.

available in the game so this outfit is available for only for a limited time and you don’t have to waste  your time and get this exclusive set.

How to upgrade effects.

How to upgrade effects as I told you that now the Mercury outfits that are now available in the pubg mobile player unknown battleground game.

and this is one of the best premium outfits in the game so this outfit is a premium outfit which includes the effects so when you eliminate an enemy or when you complete the tasks this set they will be an effect on the animation.

So if you also wanted to upgrade the effects of your outfit is skin or the weapon skin first you need to know that your premium item is upgradable or not if your item is upgradable then you have to go to the workshop

and after going to the workshop you have to click on your weapon or the outfits at which you want to upgrade.

so when you press on them on the left side you will see the levels of the upgrade so click on the level on which you want to upgrade it and when you upgrade it level by level you will get the effects animation and many more effects.

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