Pubg Mobile 1.3.0 New Update

1.3.0  New Update In Pubg

1.3.0 is the new update and awesome update in pubg . karafton games launch this update because 3rd anniversary of pubg this is the reason this is a good update in pubg .

Helmet Update

Helmet update is a very good update because this update is not before the helmet update. If you wear the  helmet you can see your outfit,cap and other but your helmet is visible to your teammates and you enemies see your helmet but you can see your cap after the 1.3.0 update .

Free Skins And Dress

If you update your pubg from playstore after updating 1.3.0 when you login in your pubg I’d in the first you got free background picture and second you got free emote after getting emote got to your missions and get free pan skin for 7 days and if  you collect items you redeem dress and guns skins.

After getting all these items. the music playing in your background of pubg you can do this music and play other music how. First, go to your I’d then left down the option of music click here when you click here many musics come in front of you you like the play and save the music after saving the music you have selected playing.

Mosin Megent Sniper

Mosin nagant sniper is added in pubg after 1.3.0 update this is the best sniper mosin nagant has higher damage then kar98k . if you do not know the kar98k go and read my previous article.

The shape of Mosin megent is like kar98k almost both snipers are looking the same but the sound of Mosin Nagant is higher than the kar98k and the also damage this sniper you got in many locations like kar98k and m24.

New Map In Pubg Mobile

New map is karakin map in pubg this is best map this map like erangle map if you play karakin map you get many loot where you land you got best loot for you and your squad .

New Location

In an erengle map the new location is added after 1.3.0 update this location spawn in many locations If you land in this location I am sure you got excellent loot for you and your squad many people land on this location . After landing people fast loot and fight together in this location is mainly added for 3rd anniversary there are mini games if you wish to play this mini games in the front of this location there are big towers with bigger words written ( 3rd anniversary) .

Three Super Power

Karafton games added three more super like runic power modes . you select this power in lobby and use this in match there three powers 1st Recon knight if you select this power and use this power after using this power you can see the position of enemy if your enemies are campers 2nd power is Guardian if you select this power after using this power one circle made and protect

you from enemies bullets and increase the damage 3rd power is a survivor if you select this power after using this power you got ghillie suit for 60 sec there are 3 levels of one power to upgrade this if your wish to upgrade any power to 2nd  level you need 2 cassettes and if you upgrade any power to 3rd level you need 4 cassettes.


If you get all this items first you update your pubg mobile and get all this items and ingoy your game . you get information from this article.


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