PUBG Mobile 1.8 New Update: Features Download, Release date, more

PUBG Mobile 1.8 New Update: Features Download, Release date, more

PUBG Mobile 1.8 Update ( Download Date, Release Date APK, Download Link new features, BGMI and much more)

The update is available in beta as of now, as well as in beta versions. new features that are more advanced are included in the global 1.8 updates.PUBG 1.8 updates are due to release on the 15th of September and include download details and more information about the download process and instructions for the 1.8 update. The most current version. The upcoming update. More details will be provided in its PUBG Mobile 1.8 Update.

PUBG MOBILE 1.8 Update

The download PUBG Mobile 1.8.0 is the latest version of the battle royale multiplayer game PUBG created by KRAFTON. The game is available at no cost and offers a lot of fun through exploring the most thrilling maps and fighting off opponents by acquiring the top equipment you can find. It is a game design that is suited to teams, however, you can play the game solo, duo, or in four players at once.

After updating to the PUBG Mobile Updated version, when you sign in to the game you’ll receive thrilling rewards like weapons, outfits, as well as some other unexpected rewards. It’s not just a one-time reward. You are able to keep receiving these rewards as long as you continue using the game as well as upgrading to the most recent version.

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PUBG 1.8 Update Release Date

The anticipated PUBG 1.8 update will be released in January 2022. However, no one KRAFTON nor BGMI has announced anything regarding any BGMI 1.8 timeframe for release. The changes mentioned in the patch notes could be implemented within the next version however, due to the absence of any official confirmation, we are unable to declare it in a clear manner.


  • Rejuvenate yourself by swimming in the water
  • Mountain Bike
  • C4 Explosive
  • Vikendi 2.0
  • New Sniper Gun
  • Dirt Bike
  • Emergency Pickup
  • 8vs8 Mode
  • Sanhok 3.0

To provide more excitement, it offers a number of options, including Battle Royale Mode, TDM mode. The players can select the game they would like to play. It makes use of all the capabilities offered by Unreal Engine 4 to bring real worlds that are enhanced with 3D audio, to provide an experience that is truly immersive on mobile phones.

  • An internet connection that is stable
  • Android 5.1.1 or greater
  • At minimum, 2 GB of memory
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The update hasn’t been released yet, and the link will be made available when the update is available.


  • Once you’ve downloaded your APK File, locate it within your smartphone’s folder.
  • Click in to the APK file to begin the process of installation.
  • It is possible that you need to allow the installation of apps from unidentified sources to your phone.
  • For Android 11, you will access this via the Settings menu > Applications and Notifications > App Access to install apps that are not known.
  • The APK is installed, you can open the game and download an update for the game.
  • It is still necessary to download manually the maps and modes on the PUBG mobile once it is opened.

PUBG Mobile 1.8 New Update: FAQ

What Is PUBG 1.8 Release Date?

The anticipated PUBG 1.8 update date is January in the month of. The players are able to upgrade the game before 5:30 am.

Should I Download PUBG 1.8 Update APK + OBB File From Apkpure?

I don’t recommend downloading the update from any other source the most trusted source for updating PUBG 1.7 is the Google Play Store. is another reputable source, but I do not recommend it.

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