PUBG Mobile 1.8, Beta update released, Download APK & OBB 2022

PUBG Mobile 1.8, Beta update released, Download APK and OBB

The update is available in beta as of now, as well as in beta versions. the latest features are included in the global 1.8 updates.PUBG 1.8 Update downloads, information about features and download regarding it, and what you can do to download 1.8 Update beta version of the update that will be revealed in its PUBG Mobile 1.8 Update.


Download PUBG Mobile 1.8.0 beta is the latest version of the battle royale multiplayer game PUBG created by krafton. The beta version of Pubg Mobile comes before the general release of the PUBG Mobile Lite update, which means that players can report glitches or bugs in an update that aids developers to fix the issues.

PUBG Mobile is releasing its 1.8 Beta version on 17th December 2021. PUBG Mobile Beta APK file size is around 313 megabytes. It is available for download on Android Version 4.0.1 or later.

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PUBG Mobile 1.8 Beta Update APK and OBB

Steps to Install PUBG 1.8 Beta Update

  • First , first download first the PUBG Mobile 1.8 Beta Update APK file using the download link above.
  • After downloading the APK, Enable the ” Install from Unknown Source” option on the device.
  • Once you have completed the installation after which you can open the PUBG Mobile app and enjoy the most recent and innovative features available in PUBG Mobile 1.8 beta update
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What Is PUBG Beta Invitation Code?

It is the PUBG Mobile Beta Invitation Code is a 10-digit secret invitation code that is provided to PUBG to a small number of gamers (20,000) to try out the latest features prior to releasing it to everyone on the globe.

Disclaimer: As PUBG Mobile is currently banned in India players from India are advised not to download or install the game to their devices.

PUBG Mobile 1.8 Global Update Release Date

PUBG 1.8 update The update is scheduled to be released on January 12, 2022, and players can download it and take advantage of the latest features.

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