PUBG Mobile 2.0 Beta Update New Features, Download Link

Players discover new features in PUBG Mobile after each patch update. The dev team has made several additions to some of the recent updates which include the summoning feature carry functionality, unique modes (based on events and collaborations), guns, maps, and much more, along with various tweaks and bug fixes.

Developers usually keep a gap of about two months between two consecutive patch updates, giving them enough time to run tests related to unreleased content and upcoming features.

The current version 1.9 of PUBG Mobile was launched via the much-announced March update, which means that version 2.0 is likely to drop in May.

PUBG Mobile 2.0 beta update: Unreleased content, the download link, file size, and more

Earlier this month, the developers rolled out a beta build for the upcoming 2.0 which provides a sneak peek into unreleased content. The purpose of the beta release is to get user feedback on bugs, thus making the improvements needed in the upcoming release.

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In the 2.0 beta update, players can spot the following features/additions:

  • A potential final version of the Livik map: Devs have finally included a remastered version of the 2×2 Livik map, which may make its way to the 2.0 version after being in the beta phase for a long time.
  • In-game Football field: Livik map will feature an in-game Football field that will allow users to play minigames (scoring goals) to collect sho tokens.
  • Advanced Supplies Area: In Livik, a yellow-colored area has been spotted in the minimap that will allow users to grab supreme quality supplies.
  • Core Circle mode: A new mode based within the Erangle map has been spotted in the Beta version.
  • New in-game companions (pets)New functions: The other additions include the introduction of functions like viewing the magazine capacity alongside crosshair or doing the same with RP missions during a match.

Several other improvements, bug fixes related to the user interface and other functions were introduced in the PUBG Mobile 2.0 beta update.

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PUBG Mobile 2.0 Download link and file size

Users would like to download and install the 2.0 beta update using the link provided here. They can download the 819MB APK file and install the trial version by allowing installation from unknown resources.

After launching the app, players will be required to install an additional update package of 296.85 MB. Apart from that, there are two types of resource pack requirements as follows:

  • HD Resource Pack: 672.5 MB
  • Low-spec Resource Pack: 352.3 MB

Thus, users can download the resource pack they like according to the specifications of the smartphone. Once the download is complete, they can enjoy upcoming in-game content on PUBG Mobile (and hopefully BGMI).

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