PUBG Mobile 2.0 update early patch notes: Changes,and more

There are frequent updates for PUBG Mobile, with the latest one (version 1.9) making its way to the game in mid-March. After the recent release of the 2.0 beta, fans began to anticipate the arrival of the next version of the game.

A few days ago, a video was posted on the PUBG Mobile YouTube channel, in which the developers discussed various changes that will be included in version 2.0. They’ve also revealed some unique collaborations that are set to happen.

Early patch notes of PUBG Mobile 2.0 update

Video on the game channel PUBG MOBILE | Step 4 Ahead, revealed the following information about the 2.0 update:

1) Updated Livik Map

In version 2.0, an updated variant of the popular Livik 2×2 map will be released. The developers will mainly add the following changes:

New themed areas

Under this section, modifications have been made to Midstein and Blomster. Furthermore, the Lumber Yard site has been upgraded to a Logistics Center. Moreover, they will also introduce a new area called “Iceborg”.

New all-terrain vehicle

Although the map is relatively small, a new all-terrain vehicle, the UTV, will be added. The UTV will make navigating through different terrains a much smoother experience for users. It is very versatile and can be useful in conducting courses.

XT weapon purchasing

XT variants of many weapons have been added to supply stores via the Livik map. Users will be able to get it by purchasing special XT upgrade crates.

New gameplay and features

  • Advanced Supply Zone: These particular zones will offer players high-level resources.
  • Treasure Hunt: A treasure map has been added, and users can locate crates with supplies using them.
  • Soccer Challenge: A soccer pitch has been incorporated into Blomster, and individuals can score goals to earn items.
  • High-Flying vehicles: Vehicle ramps have been made available as well, and users can launch themselves into the air using them.
  • Zip lines: Gamers can travel and rotate across the map using the zip lines that have been added.
  • Berry Hunt: Edible berries have been added, and gamers can consume them to restore energy.

PUBGPK Latest Post

2) Classic BR Improvements

New map features

When users are outside the play area, they will be able to call an emergency company to have a rescue plane drop them in the middle of the play area.

Basic experience improvements

A variety of improvements to the controls will be introduced to ensure that players have a better experience while playing PUBG Mobile. This includes the haptic function.

New Battle Royale arena

An arena version will be added to the Sanhok map, helping users get used to the gunfights.

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3) Ban Pan

In 2022, the Pan Security system will receive major changes, and the Pan Security 2.0 security system will be introduced in the PUBG Mobile 2.0 update. It will have many security features such as linking a mobile phone number. The developers will also provide smarter and faster anti-fraud measures.

The three main points of Ban Pan Security System 2.0 will be:

  • New anti-cheat features
  • Security review function
  • Improved player experience


Krafton also revealed her collaborations with Evangelion, GB Teddy Bear, and BLACKPINK. Details have not yet been revealed, but they will likely be announced in the coming months.

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