How to PUBG Mobile 2.1 Beta download on Android devices

Download the APK of BETA PUBG MOBILE for Android for free. The official BETA version of PUBG. PUBG MOBILE BETA is the beta version

Each PUBG Mobile update brings new features of the game, bringing the current correction, 2.0, the long -awaited final version of the LIVIK map with a lot of exclusive features. Moreover, a common mobile phone game has also seen a lot of error repairs with every update over the years.

The 2.0 update was launched in May 2023, which means that the players can expect the 2.1 version soon. The gap is usually between any two updates of the correction for about two months, so players will have to wait until mid -July. However, they can take a peek on the unprecedented content across 2.1 beta.

PUBG Mobile: A step-by-step guide for downloading the 2.1 Beta (Android)

The developers issue Beta APK files before each update for the correction, and the purpose of them is to test the next features and receive notes from the players on itself. Beta versions allow developers to make mistakes before the correction is made.

PUBG Mobile 2.1 Beta is now available on the official website, and players can easily download themselves on their devices. For more clarity in the download process, players can pass the steps below and complete it to download and install Beta APK for PUBG Mobile 2.1:

Step 1: There are two options available for 2.1 Beta APK, and players can use any of the following links to download and install the application:

Step 2: After opening players the link on their Android device, they will direct them to the download page in the APK file. They can click on the link on the page to start downloading.

Players should notice that both the APK file are largely large. Thus, they should use Wi-Fi to the download process, if available.

Step 3: Once APK is downloaded, players must click on the file to install it. Players need to activate the “installation of unknown resources” if the device prohibits installation.

Step 4: After installing the application, the players must open it and download additional resource packages.

Players can choose between low specifications packages and HD according to the specifications of their devices.

The sizes of each of the resource packages are as follows:

  • Low resource package -348.1
  • MBHD Pack-669.3 MB

Step 5: In the last step, players can log in to the game using a guest login.

In addition, some players may want to install Pubg Mobile 2.1 Beta APK on their computers. In this case, they can repeat the same method even step 2. After this step, they will have to download Android simulator such as BlueStacks, MEMU or Noxplayer, which they can use to open and install APK on their computer.

Disclaimer: The 2.1 Beta APK version is not available for players from India because Pubg Mobile is no longer available in the country. Instead, players must install BGMI and wait for a 2.1 patch.

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