PUBG Mobile 2.2 update be released? Confirmed features and more details

Since its launch around four years ago PUBG Mobile has been a major player in the mobile gaming market and been regarded as among the top played Battle Royale games. Many players from all parts of the world come to it on a regular basis. To give them the best gaming experience Krafton along with Tencent Games work incessantly.

They release updates on a regular basis that introduce new features, modes themes, events and much more. This causes a huge buzz among people who are looking forward to experiencing the latest features.

After the success of the current 2.1 release, 2.2 release of the update was anticipated for quite a while. After several weeks of testing in beta, that saw testers discover problems and glitches prior to the release date, developers have finally issued the green light for the next update’s release that will be available on the 13th of September.

PUBG Mobile 2.2 release time and date for players across the globe

According to the announcement made made by Tencent Games, the forthcoming PUBG Mobile 2.2 update will begin rolling out at 11:00 (UTC +0) on the mentioned date. It could take a while to be available at the App Store and Google Play Store on certain devices, depending on their operating system.

To ensure that the installation goes smoothly to ensure a smooth installation, the developers have advised users to store enough space for their device. They also advise users to connect to an Wifi network during the installation.

Users who download the upgrade will be eligible to receive the following benefits via game-specific mailers:

  • 3000 BP (Battle Points)
  • 100 AG (Ace Gold)
  • Magical Night Helmet (3h)

The confirmed features are coming to the 2.2 update

As we mentioned previously The notes for the forthcoming patch notes for PUBG Mobile October update have been made public from the company that developed it. As with previous updates, they’ve added a number in new functions that are sure to improve gaming experience BR game experience to gamers around the world.

Based on the notes on the patch Here’s a summary of the top features PUBG Mobile players will enjoy with the coming 2.2 update:

  1. New 1×1 map 1×1 map Nusa (along including Special Recall, Zipline, Lift and many more features)
  2. Erangel update New forecast (Rainbow), Flash Shop Mountain bike, a New bike parking, structure upgrades across a variety of regions (like Ferry Pier, Mylta Power as well as Hospital), Working Gas Station along with Targeted Supply Chest
  3. New Halloween mode and Halloween theme
  4. Upgrade to UI
  5. New mode New mode Gear Front
  6. New crossbow (can torch houses using fire arrows, and repair ziplines by using ropes)
  7. A new gun — the NS2000 Shotgun
  8. Text-to-text chat in-match
  9. Weapons like SKS Mini 14 and Mini 14 as well as improvements to AUG A3 and MK14
  10. Knockout effect
  11. A brand new vehicle Quad (favorable for driving through bumpy terrains, but it can hold only two people)
  12. Month 15 Royale Pass
  13. Cycle 3 Season 8

With the number of new features to be added in the September update, it’s anticipated to draw a lot of veterans into the sport. In addition, the updated maps and modes will draw in new players.

Notice: PUBG Mobile is banned in India. This means that Indian gamers are prohibited from playing it.

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