PUBG Mobile 2.2 update latest download link for Android

The release of PUBG Mobile 2.2 update that was released in mid-September there’s many new and exciting content available for players to experience till the next patch. 

The patch isn’t missed in any way, and includes the launch of the brand updated Nusa (1×1 kilometers) map that features brand new weapons, mechanics, and vehicles. This has been identified as one of the most critical areas.

Additionally, it launches an updated Gear Front mode and European style – Style themed area called Strange Town. The most popular fan-favorite, Erangel map, has been updated to make the gaming experience better.

It has been available for around a month and If you’re not yet installed the most recent version, you can visit the official stores to download it. Furthermore you can use APK files is always available. APK download is on hand.

Step-by-step instructions for installing and setting up PUBG Mobile 2.2 APK

Although Android users have the option of downloading PUBG Mobile through on the Google Play Store, many prefer to download the APK on their mobile. Fortunately, the developers provide the APK on their official site, eliminating the chance of getting an untrue or infected APK.

If you’re one of them, then follow the steps below for downloading and run APK 2.2: 2.2 APK file:

Step 1: Visit the official PUBG Mobile website from any browser on the internet using this link.

Step 2: Once you’ve landed on the website there are two APK choices to download: standard and compact. Select the one you prefer to start the download.

The name suggests that the smaller APK is smaller however, you’ll need to download more resources from the Battle Royale title.

The file size are 1GB and 535 MB respectively. So, ensure that sufficient storage space is available on your device for the installation and resource packs prior to downloading.

Step 4: When this download is completed You can navigate the settings on your device to allow your device’s settings to enable the Install via Unknown Source option before proceeding with the installation.

Phase 5:After you have installed the application, you’ll need to connect to your application and download additional resources in order to make use of the smaller version. Two options are available:

  • Low-spec Resource Pack: 497.6 MB
  • HD Resource Pack 927.1 MB

Once the resources are downloaded, you can enjoy PUBG Mobile. If you’re using a normal APK and want to log in direct to your account.

If you experience an error in parsing during the installation process then you can re-visit the website for the APK file and adhere to the exact steps. Additionally, do not utilize APK files downloaded from other sources since they carry the risk of virus.

Alternately, you can connect to your Google Play Store using this link and select the install button to download an update to the PUBG Mobile 2.2 version.

Notice: PUBG Mobile is blocked in India. Because of restrictions imposed by the government, Indian players are advised not to download or play the battle royale game on their devices.

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