PUBG Mobile 2.2 update release date, time, features, & more

PUBG Mobile has become among the top played games on mobile, and has millions of players across the world. Its Tencent Games-linked Battle Royale game is almost four years old, yet provides high-octane gaming with quality graphics.

The developers have made sure that the game is updated regularly every couple of months. The 2.1 patch was available on nearly all PUBG Mobile server on June 13, 2023 and the release the new version 2.2 is just in the near future. Additionally, its beta APK is available.

The Patch update Version 2.2 is expected to be available in the first or the second month of the September 2023.

Notice: PUBG Mobile and BGMI are been prohibited in India and users are advised not to install them on their devices.

PUBG Version 2.2 of the Mobile Update 2.2 is expected to launch in September 2023.

The 11th of September, 2023 is likely to be the date of release for the forthcoming patch update. However, players can anticipate to see the release date fall between September 5 and. As per the patches that have been released before that were released, the time of release is for 2.2 version is not the same for all servers.

The 2.1 update began rolling out the 11th of July, 2023 at 12:30 pm , and was available to iOS players on 13 July at 6:30 am. Android users can download the update from the Play Store by 9:30 am on the 13th of July. Therefore, the time of release for the update could be identical to the one released previously.

For now, users can download the beta version of the APK of PUBG Mobile 2.2 and experience previously unreleased content that could appear in the final patch. These are some features gamers might see in the final update:

  • Nusa: New 1km x 1km Battle Royale map
  • RP M15
  • AS Val A Val: New weapon
  • Cycle 3 Season 8
  • New Crossbow
  • New Companion for Classic matches
  • New throwable with a powerful design
  • Numerous exclusive features in Nusa

How do you download and install the upcoming Android/iOS update?

After the update is released players should follow the steps below to download version 2.2: 2.2 Version on the device:

Step 1: One must start by opening the App Store or Play Store within their devices, then click on the search button.

Step 2.They must search through the results of Google Playground Mobile and choose the correct result.

Step 3.Players are able to click the update/install button to download the most recent version of the game onto their phones.

4.Subsequently the player will be able to launch it and then download any additional files once installation is completed.

The players can log into the game with the sign-in method they prefer and get the most up-to-date in-game content. In addition, they are able to download the most recent APK file directly from the official website of the game.

Playing Update Version 2.2 in the game PC

The next update is expected to bring plenty of new content into the gameplay. Players who want to play the update on their computers are able to use Android emulators such as Gameloop as well as BlueStacks for installing PUBG Mobile to their devices. The emulator’s official website of the emulator to install it that will grant them the ability to access Google Play.

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