PUBG Mobile 2.2 Update Release Date, Patch Notes

with millions of avid users around the world, PUBG Mobile has become one of the most loved games for mobile devices. You should know the 2.2 update date and patches.

Although it is true that the Battle Royale video game, that is owned by Tencent Games, is almost four years old, it offers high-intensity action and stunning design.

The game’s creators have ensured that it is regularly updated every couple of months. On the 13th of July 2023 the 2.1 patch had almost reached all PUBG Mobile server and the version 2.2 is scheduled to be launched. In addition the beta APK is already available.

PUBG Mobile 2.2 Update Release Date, Patch Notes And Beta APK Download

In the first week or two weeks of September, 2023 could be the time to release the patches update, version 2.2.

Version 2.2 of the PUBG Mobile update is expected to launch by September of 2023.

This patch is scheduled to be launched on September 11 2023. The launch is expected to be held between September 5 and September 12. Based on the patches that have been released previously to the 2.2 version, the 2.2 release date will not be the same for each server.

The 2.1 update was released the 11th of July, 2023 at 12:30 pm. It was available to iOS users at 6:30 am on the 13th of July. At 9:30 am on July 13th, Android users could access the Play Store and download the update. Therefore, the date of release could be identical to the date prior to it.

Players have the option of downloading PUBG Mobile 2.2 beta APK for a while and take advantage of unreleased content that could be added to the final update. The following features might be included when the game is released which players could be able to notice:

  • Nusa: New 1km x 1km Battle Royale map
  • RP M15
  • AS Val New weapon
  • Cycle 3 Season 8
  • New Crossbow
  • New Companion to the Classic matches
  • New throwable with a powerful design
  • Numerous exclusive features in Nusa

By using their preferred method of signing in users can gain access to the latest game content by logging into the game. Furthermore, they will have access to the most current APK file on the official website for the game.

There will be tons of new features that will be added during the next update. Anyone who wants to play the patch on PCs can download PUBG Mobile on Android emulators, such as Gameloop as well as BlueStacks. To do this, users need to visit the web page, and it gives users with access directly to Google Play.

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