PUBG Mobile 2.3 beta APK download link & installation

The creators of PUBG Mobile rigorously test the new features that are coming with multiple rounds of beta versions prior to making the update available to players. They made them available for download months before the release date which gave the developers plenty of time to review feedback from users and then release the best version of the feature.

The long-awaited PUBG Mobile 2.3 beta has been released today. Additionally the developers haven’t put in place the binding code feature. So, anyone is able to access the beta client in order to test these new functions.

Android customers can install the client by downloading this APK; you may read the following guide on how to install and download it.

Instructions for download and install PUBG Mobile 2.3 Beta APK

Long-awaited PUBG Mobile 2.3 is done with the release of this beta release of PUBG Mobile 2.3 has been released to players. For downloading and installing the Beta client by using the original APK download, you may follow the instructions in the following article:

First step:Access to the 2.3 Beta APK download page by using the links below:

Android (x32) APK:

Android (x64) APK:

You should download an additional resource pack before you can use your beta clients. Therefore, you should ensure that the device has enough storage to install.

Step 2.You are able to click the Download Android Version button after having accessed the download page in order to start the download.

Step 3.Once the download is completed, you need to open the settings on your device and enable the Install from unknown Source option. Then, you can proceed to the next step if it was disabled before.

4. Look for your APK download on your computer and finish the installation.

If you are unable to install the APK remove the previous version and install it once more.

step 5:You can start the 2.3 beta and grant the necessary storage permissions. Then, you should also select the resource pack you prefer. The options are:

  • Low-spec Resource Pack – 413.1 MB
  • HD Resource Pack 783.0 MB

6.After successful downloading of the resources pack you can sign up as guest to try the most recent features.

Furthermore, it is recommended to report any glitches or bugs by using the report feature.

PUBG Mobile 2.3 beta features

It is clear that the PUBG Mobile 2.3 beta has plenty of features that are new, and the brand-new Aftermath 2.0 and the limited preview of the Football themed mode are two major points. The first will be available starting on October 20 to 2023. The later will be available from October 22nd 2023.

The aftermath 2.0 along with The Limited Preview of Football Themed Mode feature several new features that improve the overall experience more engaging.

Notice: PUBG Mobile is banned in India. Because of the restrictions enforced by the government players from India are advised to not install or use the Battle Royale game or its beta version on their devices.

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