PUBG Mobile 2.4 beta update: New features, APK download link, size, and more

Krafton along with Level Infinite take almost two months to release every patch update for PUBG Mobile. Each update comes with several improvements and features. The latest release, i.e., 2.3 was released in November and offered players the following features: a Messi and RP M17 collaborations, RP M17, C3S9 and Aftermath 2.0 as well as other.

As with every update that comes out, developers will adhere to the established pattern to release the 2.4 version. So, it is possible for the next patch to come out at the beginning of January in 2023. However it is worth noting that this 2.4 beta patch is available with new features enthusiasts could observe in the patch for January 2023.

In the next section, readers will be able to know more about the latest features, the APK size and download link, as well as more about PUBG Mobile 2.4 the beta version.

PUBG Mobile 2.4 beta APK Size of the file and official link, installation guide and more additions to the test server

Size of the file and download URL for the APK

Users looking for an 2.4 beta APK will find two versions both 32-bit and 64 bit. These are links to download the latest version as well as the APK files for both versions:

New features are included in the 2.4 beta

The players can see some changes and additions to PUBG Mobile following installing the 2.4 beta APK. The following features or improvements include updates for the classic as well as Metro Royale updates:

Classic updates

  • Return For Honour:Players being recalled following losing in a match are able to take on their opponent to a revenge mission.
  • Two-seater Dancing Lion vehicle that gamers can store within their packs.
  • Inclusion of a Grappling Hook
  • A time-limited game area in the game called Martial Arts Arena

Updates for Metro Royale

  • Addition of a new map
  • Introduction of Ziplines and Stairs
  • The arrival of new NPC bosses and enemiesfor PvE adventure
  • The addition of four items that can be sold to the new mapfour items that can be sold – the biological sample, Processor (GPU), Lens as well as Gold Piles
  • An improved resistance to the armor’s advanced protection against destructive damage
  • A change to Basic Capacity for Inventorycapacity will be 30 in the future)

How do I install the latest beta version?

Here’s how to download the new beta version (2.4) on PUBG Mobile:

First step:Use an APK that you like (32-bit or 64-bit) as mentioned above for a redirection to the official download page.

Step 2.Tap on the button for downloading once you have confirmed that your internet connection is speedy and reliable.

The dimension of APK and the additional resource packages is enormous, it’s best to use a WiFi connection to finish the download.

Step 3.After download, turn on “Installation from unknown sources” and then press”Install” on your device “Install” button on your device.

It could take a couple of minutes and if the download is unsuccessful, you’ll have to go through the entire process on the official site and APK download link.

step 4:Once you have installed the application, open it and download additional resource packs, HD or low-spec. HD.

5.Tap the “Guest” button to play the game.

In certain instances you may encounter some instances of “Login Queue.” It is recommended to wait for a few seconds or even minutes and keep all tabs open.

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