PUBG MOBILE V 1.6 Cell Matrix Robots Tips and Tricks!

Pubg Mobile Version 1.6

Pubg Mobile Version 1.6 Release Date

We hope that everyone has had the chance to play PUBG MOBILE version 1.6. And try out flora menace has anyone been victorious on the cell-matrix or managed to get any chicken dinners. In this new battleground in four minutes, there is an important enemy known as the cell-matrix robot.

There are several different models of the cell-matrix robots and depending on the model. We, Will, have different amounts of health as well as employ different tactics and methods of attack. So today we’d like to go over cell-matrix robots in more detail as well as reveal some tips and tricks. How to beat them all cell-matrix robots can shoot balls of electricity.

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PUBG MOBILE | Cell Matrix Robots Tips and Tricks!

Which travel rather slowly and can be simply avoided by dodging to the left or right. After taking damaged cell-matrix robots will self-destruct be careful cell-matrix robots.

That self-destruct will damage their surroundings indiscriminately so make sure to maintain a safe distance. Or else risk getting caught in the explosion but you can also try grouping. The robots together and take advantage of a self-destructing robot to wipe out all surrounding robots.

Pubg Mobile New Update 2021 Global Version 1.6

when a cell-matrix robot is destroyed it will drop an item as well as a chance of dropping a riot shield riot shields can provide excellent cover protecting you from robots and real players alike and improve your chances of winning besides this basic information cell-matrix robots come in two types model a and model c we will now go into more detail about how each model attacks cell-matrix robot model a when model a is attacked there’s a chance that it will begin dodging to the left or right so you must adjust your aim to hit it model attacks at close range

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so hit and run tactics are effective against it another way would be to a position near the edge of the map and strike from a distance cell-matrix robot model c model c is more mobile compared to the model it can jump and attack players in high places, in addition, it can fire missiles and there will be a red circle indicating the blast radius before impact leave the circle to avoid taking damage if the missile launcher on model c’s right shoulder is destroyed

Pubg Mobile Global Version 1.6 Release Date

It will be unable to fire missiles besides model c there are two types of boss models be extra careful. When encountering robots with a red outline as. You are facing a boss who will have a lot of health and have stronger more varied attacks. So it’s recommended to bring a few riot shields. Bosses to come in two forms boss number one and boss number two boss number. One has all the capabilities of model a and model c and can also deploy drones that have low health. So it’s recommended to destroy them first otherwise they may get in the way of a fighting boss number

Pubg Mobile New Update 2021 Global Version 1.6

One boss number two has a flamethrower attack that hits a wide range it’s recommended. To find a high place to avoid. The flames once a boss has appeared to prioritize destroying its missile launcher. And once it’s inactive use riot shields and another cover to maneuver around. The boss to comfortably take it out the ground battles with the cell-matrix robots. And the aerial battles on the cell-matrix itself will both be updated

When on the ground open up the map to see areas with cell-matrix robots marked out. The countdown is up robots will be deployed. When on the cell-matrix head to the control room where tons of cell-matrix robots await lastly don’t forget. That when fighting the robots there are still other players that just about wrapped. Things up for today’s winner chicken dinner.

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