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Pubg Mobile India games

pubg mobile is banned in the India because the few reasons for the bending pubg in the India.Like the battle in the China and the between the India after the battle India band the all Chinese app in the list of the Chinese is the pubg India ban .

the all Chinese apps like pubg Tik Tok and other App when the pubg is banned in the India many people search on the Internet how to unban pubg and play how to play pubg and others because pubg is an ban in India many Pro player in the India who are playing pubg and their incomes  break.

So many people did not wait for the unbanned pubg in the then they shift into the free fire free Fire World best player unknown, Battleground game.  This game  is like pubg mobile. You can read all the information about free fire in my previous article.

PUBG Mobile India Meeting.

The Government of India Indian Government Is Meeting to the Chinese Pubg Mobile Player Unknown Battlegrounds A Developer To un Ban Pub g, And The Player Unknown Battlegrounds is also meeting you indian government to un ban pubg in india and after few months.

The Indian Government un ban pubg in the India because many Pro player and the big youtubers getting pressure on the Indian government to unban pubg mobile in the India many local players are using VPN to play pubg and some Pro player is not using VPN to play pubg mobile because they are very popular and big YouTubers.

So they cannot use VPN to play pubg. After a few months pubg will be banned in India so all over the people in India Who are enabled to play pubg.

PUBG Mobile India Date.

so in the hearing is about the pubg mobile is making  in India because India government is thinking about the pub g mobile is also made in India in the Indian version to play only Indian players the purpose some few months before the new trailer of.

the pubg mobile is India is appearing on the YouTube and on the Internet and the many people is searching on the Internet pubg mobile India version but pubg mobile India version is not hear but Korean version is also here and there are many people are playing korean version.

But now the korean version is also banned in India and many people are using VPN to play korean version of the pub g mobile and the Godzilla update is also available in India.and now is not the perfect date the release of the version of the pub g mobile and the pure pubg mobile release in the India so you are thinking the release date is appear on Internet o you are wrong.

                  Written by, M.Rehan.Naz:

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