PUBG MOBILE KR 2.3 APK + OBB Download (32bit + 64bit)

PUBG KR Version 2.3 APK + OBB Download Link Are you looking for an updated PUBG Mobile KR 2.3 version? If yes, then you should read this entire article.

In this article you will find the Pubg KR 2.3 Latest APK and OBB Files, so you can use Pubg the mobile version of KR 2.3 version quickly.

PUBG KR version 2.3 players from all over all over the world can enjoy the international game PUBG Mobile from Tencent Games. It is only available for Korea and Japan there is an additional game named PUBG Mobile KR by Krafton is available. While it’s a different game however, the features and updates in both games are nearly identical.

PUBG has recently announced its patch 2.3 It has introduced the game’s latest Core circle mode, which is a collaboration with Neon Evangelion. Players are now able to play the three modes in one game. There are other features too, like an updated Clan Ui, New Royale Arena Mode and Chear Park modifications are also in use.

What are PUBG Mobile KR 2.3 Leaks?

  • New Map – Nusa

A 1×1 km map to play games that are fast-paced!
Availability: 9/15 at 2:00 (UTC+0)
Playable in Ranked and Unranked Mode
Nusa is a brand-new 1x1km tourist island map, set in the tropical region. With lots of food and items, players can start fighting the moment they arrive and eat your chicken dinner quickly! Nusa is full of beautiful images and interesting games to try. Soon, it will be your favorite place to showcase to your friends. It’s worth a visit and exploring!

Launch of New Mechanics, Weapons, and Vehicles!

  • New Mechanic: Special Recall

If you lose within the first four minutes of the game, however, you have survivors who are still alive, you’ll be able to respawn and jump right back into the arena using the random weapon. (Super Recall will activate instantly when you play solo and without teammates)

  • New Mechanic: Zipline

Numerous ziplines have been constructed in specific areas on Nusa. You just need to walk towards a zipline to take it in and move around quickly.

Take note that ziplines are extremely fragile and can easily be damaged! Use ziplines at your own risk. The brand new Tactical Crossbow can be used to fix ziplines. Be sure to have one to ensure your safety.

  • New Mechanic: Elevator

An elevator is installed in each hotel in Telepak Town. Make use of it to travel between floors. It’s not just a way to help you conserve energy, but it also can be used to flank enemies in a tactical manner along with your colleagues.

  • New Weapon: Tactical Crossbow

Tactical Crossbow can shoot a rope to fix ziplines or make use of flaming bolts to set some buildings on the fire.

  • New Weapon: NS2000 Shotgun

A gun that shoots precisely at medium and short ranges. This weapon fires shells of 12 gauge shooting from the hip, and 12 gauge slugs when aiming down the sights.

  • New Vehicle: Quad

A compact and light 2-seater car that can be utilized to swiftly move through rough terrain. It also has good stability. It is also able to not slide around easily.

Update Pubg Mobile Kr 2.3 Version From Using APK File & Obb File

  1. Remove Pubg Mobile KR and then delete all the files that are associated with Pubg KR .
  2. Download the latest Publicg Mobile KR 2.3 Apk & OBB from the following link.
  3. Navigate to Settings > Security and Security > Enable Installation From Unknown Sources. (If you’ve already disabled it, you can do this without a second thought. ).
  4. Now Install APK Of Pubg Mobile KR 2.3 Version & Open It For A Moment.
  5. Then, find the OBB file and then move the document to Android > OBB > com.pubg.krmobile.

Then open the game and connect with your social media account and Have fun! !

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