Pubg Mobile Has a New Feature Called Air Conveyor | PUBG Mobile 1.5 Patch notes

I can’t believe that in July PUBG Mobile is entering a new season. This season also coincides with the release of Patch 1.5 in the Battle Royale game. The Patch’s presence, of course, gave rise to various rumors among the community. Like the presence of Vikendo 2.0 and also various features that can help gamers to get a Winner Winner chicken dinner.

One feature that is rumored to be present is the air carrier. This feature will reportedly make it easier for players to move around or get around, especially when they want to enter the Blue Zone. In a leak on Instagram traumapubg2.0, it can be seen that this Air Conveyor will be available on the Erangel map and can be used by all players.


Air Conveyor itself is a tool like a large catapult. Air Conveyor will be able to launch players back into the air and parachute-like at the beginning of the game. This feature can of course be used in a number of ways, such as getting a much better view from above and also chasing the blue zone to avoid taking more damage.

This air transporter can reportedly only launch one person into the air for one shot. In addition, there is also a delay to use this function again. Until now, there is still no information on whether the Air Conveyor function is widely available or not and what are the conditions for its use.

Well, this feature has been introduced by other Battle Royale games like Apex Legends and Fortnite. Still, we hope this feature brings fresh air to this Battle Royale game, guys!

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