PUBG Mobile New NUSA map” features, new weapons

PUBG Mobile New NUSA map”All confirmed features, new weapons, and gameplay revealed

A recent statement made during the PMPL announcement at the PMPL Season finale within the SEA region, Tencent revealed that a new map, NUSA, will be added to PUBG Mobile later this month i.e. the month of September in the 2.2.0 update. NUSA will be the largest battle royale map in the game as well as faster than the other six maps available in the game.

NUSA will cover an area of one square km (1×1 kilometers) and will be covered by mountains. The game will feature 32 players in the lobby, with Solo, Duo and Squad modes as well as each game will last for ten minutes.

The map is playable simultaneously in FPP as well as TPP modes, and is available to the mobile version.

Just a few days ago, PUBG Mobile unveiled the information about its coming 2.2 update. It also allowed users to play the beta version. The game’s fans have also uploaded a variety of videos featuring an early version of the maps on YouTube channel.

NUSA map with new features and weapons

New vehicles and weapons to NUSA map

The map will include two new weapons: the flammable crossbow, and the shotgun NS2000. The latter can fire bows that can cause the target to catch fire and the shotgun will be able to shoot with zero recoil after firing.

On the front of the vehicle there will be a monster truck as well as quad bike will be offered to players to explore the map.

Extra features to Map NUSA

1) Zipline

Ziplines will be accessible on the map which will allow players to glide effortlessly across rough terrain. PUBG Mobile has previously provided ziplines for other maps as well.

2) Auto Recall

If they die, players are automatically brought back to the battlefield in 15 minutes.

3) Big Beachball

It will have the beach, where large beach ball will be made available for the players to play with.

4) New Loot Crate

A new loot crate for loot will be spawned in different locations and will assist players replenish their supply.

5) Boost Pool

The water bodies in the form that of swimming pools would be available in the game, which allows players to refill the boost units.

6) Lift

A lift will also be available in apartments so that residents can effortlessly go both ways. Players can move to any floor they prefer.

This is the seventh battle royale map available for PUBG Mobile, following Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi Livik and Karakin.

It will be fascinating to observe how players’ base reacts to the brand new map and other features.

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