PUBG Mobile New Update With White Green belle Blossom Set

Best PUBG mobile new update with white green belle Blossom Set,hello friends welcome back to our blog and another article in this article .I am going to share the information about the world famous shooter ,online and the multiplayer game there are billions of players who are playing this game from all over the world and also this game is very best.

in this game you can fight with the enemies and the graphics of these game and mechanics ,physics is very realistic so when you shoot the bullet from your gun it will directly go to the enemy .and it will hit that enemy so there are many new events will be added in the game by continuously updating the games.

 you are able to get all of these things but now the new white green belle Blossom Set,is here and now you are able to get it in the game by using the two methods which is .I am going to tell you in the next heading so how you can obtain it and can equip it in your pubg mobile ,player unknown battleground game.

so now in this update you are also going to get the many new and the premium items which haven’t added in the game in the past, but now you are able to open all of this without any problem so continue about article without wasting the time.

How to Obtain The Set

How to obtain the set in the PUBG mobile, player unknown battleground game .as I told you allĀ  information about the mobile game and also about the new update have been added in the game, so there are many persons who are searching on the internet about how they can obtain their set because they don’t know how to obtain it.

they can be the beginner players of the game ,and so don’t get tension because .I am here to tell you all the correct information and step by step how you can obtain the exclusive set which have been added in the new event of the update.

 without any problem if you also wanted to obtain this set by easy methods just read the steps given below.

  • First off you have to open your pubg mobile game and you have to update it from Google Play store
  • After opening your game and you have to go to your event section which have been provided in the down listing.
  • Just click click on it you will see many new events which are added in this update just to click on the new white green set.
  • When you click on it you will see the methods to open it you can click on any method what you want such as you can obtain it by completing the matches and the second method is I am going to tell you in the next heading.
  • Just click on it and the new white green belle Blossom Set will be yours.

Get Free Outfit By One Crystal

Get free outfit by one crystal ,as I told you that the new white green belle Blossom Set,have been added in the game of the PUBG mobile ,player unknown bettalground game and now there is a new and exclusive feature having added in the game about this event ,is that now you can get the free outfit by only one crystal just you have to spend the one crystal and the set will be yours.

so if you also wanted to know what is the method to spend the one crystal to obtain the free outfit in the game ,and then just you have to repeat these steps which have I told you in the previous hiding.

and after that you have selected the second method and in the second method you have to spend your one crystal which you have obtained from, completing the matches when you spend it and the new white green belle Blossom Set will be in yours inventory.

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