PUBG Mobile PEL Summer Playoffs Round 2: Overall standings

PUBG Mobile PEL Summer Playoffs Round 2: Overall standings, top 2 qualify for Grand Finals

Second round in the PEL Summer Playoffs came to the end of 10 thrilling matches over two days. LGD Gaming secured first position (with 127 points) thanks to their consistent performance on both days.

RSG was able to climb to second after winning the final game of Round 2. They earned 82 points through 2 chicken meals. The two teams, LGD and RSG have been selected for finals at the PEL Summer Finals. Nova Esports has already advanced to the final after winning the highest position during the Playoffs Round 1.

PEL Playoffs Round 2 summary

LGD Gaming began their dominating run by winning their initial game and accumulating 25 points. The team remained in the top position to the finish as well as the three top players in the leaderboard for kills came from LGD Gaming. Suki, ChengC, and Yzz got 33 18, 21, and 18 eliminations, respectively.

Thunder Talk was only three points in front of LGD Gaming at the end of Day 1. However, they only scored 16 points during Day 2 and dropped to fourth. JTeam was in third position following the second day, but was a shortfall of second spot with four points.

4AM 4AM, who finished last in Round 1, clinched fifth position with 70 points. The team didn’t get off to a an impressive start in this round when they were placed in eighth place. STE along with Weibo Gaming came in sixth and seventh places with the score of 67 and 66 points respectively.

It was a terrible round for JDE because their position suffered a huge drop. They finished 14th at 37. The team, however, JDE had a good performance in the opening round with the team placed in third position. TEC came in one point lower than JDE in 15th place.

PEL Playoffs Round 3

The teams in the bottom 13 and teams placed 17th or 18th during the normal season will play for Playoffs Round 3. Playoffs round 3. Top three teams will advance towards the Grand Finals, while the teams in the bottom 12 teams (and teams that were that were ranked between 19th and 21st during their regular seasons) will be competing in Round 4.


  1. The Chosen
  2. JDE
  3. All Gamers
  4. Weibo Gaming
  5. Tianba
  6. Titan Esports
  7. Six Two Eight
  8. Team Pai
  9. Four Angry Men
  10. Vision Esports
  11. JTeam
  12. SMG
  13. Thunder Talk Gaming
  14. KONE
  15. ACT

The Summer Finals will be crucial for all teams since the top three teams will go into the PMGC 2023 that will take place on November 22nd. The finals will run in four days, starting between August 18 and the 21st of August.

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