PUBG Mobile: PMPL South Asia 2023 Fall Week 2 Day 1 overall standings and match summary

The High Voltage team from Nepal began their season with an amazing beginning on Day 1 of PMPL South Asia Fall Week 2. The team showed consistent play and scored 65 points on the rate of 16.25 from their four games.

Venom Legends in Bangladesh won two dinners of chicken today and clinched the second spot having 51 points by the close on the first day. A1NB as well as GodLike Stalwart were in third and fourth place, having 39 and 40 points, respectively.

The two teams shared a meal of chicken, DE Warriors and Wizzes Club were seventh and eighth with 31 and 34 points. SEAL Esports experienced a difficult day today, as the team placed 20th with just seven points.

PMPL South Asia Fall League Week 2 Day 1 Summary

Match 1 – Erangel

The match began with a positive beginning, DE Warriors took a 10-kill chicken dinner , and scored 25,25 points in the league leaderboard. A1NB was the team that had poor performance in the opening week, performed well in the game, finishing second after five defeats. A1NB, with its high Voltage and MAB with scores of 12 and 13 respectively, also performed well. Week 1’s top scorer GodLike Stalwart, however, scored just seven points.

Match 2 – Miramar

Gremlin Storm, despite not winning the second game however, finished first in the standings for matches after playing with a ferocious attitude. The team earned 21 points, which included nine kills. Through the aid of an ox meal, T2K acquired 20 points that included five fragments.

DRS Gaming was in the third place with 15 points. A1NB also did excellent work and scored 14 points during the game. GodLike Stalwart’s performance leaves a lot to be desired, since it was merely average.

Match 3 – Sanhok

The final match in the third game played on Sanhok was an epic 1v1 fight between Suzan as well as Sus. Sus eventually managed to triumph and lead the team of his, Venom Legends in an epic 10-kill chicken dinner. Raw Officials took the second position with five top finishes and was being followed by TRZ.

Match 4 – Miramar

Venom Legends’ patient gameplay allowed them to win a back-to-back chicken dinner, which included five fragments. This game was also successful for GodLike Stalwart who came back from their previous three games and earned 23 points which included 11 eliminations due to Action’s outstanding performance.

Match 5 – Erangel

In the final game in the PMPL Week 2 Day 1, Wizzes Club came out as the winners with ten finishes. High Voltage and DRS were in third and second places with five and nine eliminations and then MAB. T2K and Skylightz were not able to win the game, gaining just one point each.

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