PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Month 16: Rewards, price, and more

PUBG Mobile players are eagerly waiting each month for the launch of the brand new Royale Pass, which brings an extensive collection of collectibles themed to the theme. The most recent RP, i.e., Royale Pass Month 16, is available within the game, and players can buy it prior to working for hours to complete the featured mission.

Like every year as usual, it’s been a good year for the M16 Royale Pass has brought lots of rewards along with the Unknown Credits/Cash (UC) which are available in various levels. Tencent Games/Krafton has titled the current Royale Pass Month as Heroic Palace as well as it’s the Masked Crusader Set has been the main focus at the top tier.

The next section will provide further details regarding PUBG Mobile’s Royale Pass Month 16 Heroic Palace.

Tencent announces Royale Pass Month 16 Heroic Palace for PUBG Mobile

Developers unveiled the brand-new Royale Pass on Thursday, 20 October, under the name Heroic Palance. Likely the current RP, i.e., Royale Pass Month 16 will remain open for 30 days prior to expiring on the 18th of November in 2023 (UTC + zero).

Similar to previous versions like previous versions, the most recent PUBG Mobile Royale Pass also includes many Elite and free rewards , along with other game-related accessories such as coupons, cards scraps, vouchers BP, UC, and other things.

Here are the main rewards on RP M16:

  • RP Rank 1: DJ Dancer Set together with Grain Revolution – UMP45
  • RP Rank 5: DJ Dancer Cover
  • RP Rank 10: Glorious Ruins Helmet
  • RP Rank 15: RP Avatar (M16), Cupid Ornament alongside Excited LIKEs Emote (free RP reward)
  • RP Rank 20: War Visage Smoke Grenade alongside Legendary Sisters Parachute (free RP reward)
  • RP Rank 25: ButterFly Fighter Set (free RP reward)
  • RP Rank 30: Unknown Destination Plane Finish and Masked Crusader Emote alongside 60 UC RP M17 Voucher (free RP reward)
  • RP Rank 35: Six M16 RP Badges and Dynamic Beast – SLR (free RP reward)
  • RP Rank 40: Color Expansion – AKM
  • RP Rank 45: Six M16 RP Badges
  • RP Rank 50: Masked Crusader Set and Masked Crusader Mask

Apart from the rewards described above, there are various other collectibles within PUBG Mobile, derived from different RP Ranks including the kinds of BP Cards, Silver, BP, UC, Classic Crate Coupon Scraps Room Cards, Graffiti, AG and many more.

RP M16 has two options to upgrade, Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus and, like their names suggest it is more expensive than the first. The former costs 360 UC, and gives access to exclusive RP missions, however the Plus option has a price of 960 UC, and includes additional perks when compared to PUBG Mobile.

Anyone who is considering purchasing an upgrade to the Elite Pass Plus upgrade will receive the RP M16 Avatar frame as well as a free emote as well as the option of 10 Golden Chicken Draw tickets, in addition to unlocking the first 12 ranks without having to finish any missions. But like Elite Pass, users will not receive their entire UC in this Plus plan.

Here’s the step-by-step procedure for upgrading Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile:

Step 1.Open Game and log in using one of the method you prefer.

Step 2.Download the RP M16 file If you are playing your game in the first instance after the release of the Royale Pass update.

Step 3.Tap at”RP” in the lobby “RP” icon on the lobby. Then, go over the movie.

4.Take looks at rewards for yourself, and after you have made the decision to buy the RP, you can tap “Upgrade to a Pass.”

5.Choose an option you like and make payment at the amount you have been quoted.

Your RPG will be changed to the plan you prefer This means that you can begin to grind and earn all the rewards featured in PUBG Mobile.

Please note that this piece as well as Royale Pass are not meant to be used by Indian readers, since Krafton has blocked BGMI’s RP section. Additionally, UC purchases are not available because MeitY has shut down this game for India.

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