PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Month 20 leaked rewards, price, theme, & more 2024

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile is one of the world’s most popular mobile games, and its fans are eagerly awaiting news about the upcoming 20 Royale Pass Monthly 2024. Every month, PUBG Mobile releases a new Royale Pass with exciting rewards, special events and exclusive items.

Presently, the Royale Pass is one of the first-rate approaches for PUBG Mobile gamers to achieve unique in-sport items. This particular pass is updated every month, and this manner, developers can offer present day rewards to game enthusiasts on a fairly frequent foundation.

Popular YouTuber “LuckyMan” lately disclosed the Month 19 Royale Pass and its prizes, amongst different info. In a clean development, he has uploaded another video, revealing greater information about the Month 20 Royale Pass.

If these leaks are correct, the imminent Royale Pass can be referred to as ‘Daring Dawn,’ allowing players to acquire special objects which include gun skins and outfit sets. Further statistics about the PUBG Mobile Month 20 Royale Pass is supplied in the article beneath.

Note: The rewards indexed beneath are community leaks that the developers haven’t formally showed yet. Readers need to take this facts with a grain of salt.

Rewards of PUBG Mobile Month 20 Royale Pass leaked

The PUBG Mobile M20 Royale Pass will begin inside the war royale identify following the completion of the Month 19 Royale Pass, which is set to begin on January 17. Considering the truth that M19 will last round a month, players can anticipate the M20 Royale Pass to begin inside the 2d 1/2 of February.

Fortunately, the fee of the bypass is predicted to stay the same, with the two editions of Elite Pass and Royale Pass Plus available for 360 UC and 960 UC, respectively. If game enthusiasts do now not desire to purchase both option, they could nonetheless get some free rewards.

Listed beneath are the leaked rewards from PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Month 20:

  • RP Rank 1: Bunny Uniform Set and Gilded Dragon Bone – Mosin-Nagant
  • RP Rank 5: Bunny Uniform Cover and Mission Card
  • RP Rank 10: Mousy Knockout Backpack and 500 BP
  • RP Rank 15: Jolly Momente emote, RP Avatar (M20), and Stone Figure Ornament
  • RP Rank 20: Cyber Detective Parachute and Gilded Tower Stun Grenade
  • RP Rank 23: Football Fever Cover
  • RP Rank 25: Football Fever Set and RP Badge (M20)
  • RP Rank 30: Rash Shark Buggy and one emote (animation no longer discovered yet)
  • RP Rank 35: Cosmic Ruin – UMP45
  • RP Rank forty: Telescopic Fist – DBS
  • RP Rank 50: Special sets (textures now not found out)

According to the YouTuber, the textures of the Level 50 sets had been no longer handy, that is in all likelihood why they weren’t leaked. Interested readers can take a look at out his video to look the rewards in more element. The video additionally offers in addition perception into the imminent Ultimate Outfits and extra.

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