PUBG Mobile Stylish Name Symbols Maker Online In 2024

Everyone PUBG Mobile player strives to come up with a name that stands apart from the rest of the pack. What’s the best way to achieve this? using some attractive symbols.

With over 100 million downloads available on Google Play Store, PUBG Mobile is among the most popular Battle Royale titles on the portable platform. It is so well-known that it is essentially the symbol of the category. With so many different players how can you stand out from the rest? Making use of stylish design icons is certainly one way.

Unfortunately, these special symbols cannot be entered on your regular keyboards. So, to include them in your IGN the simplest method is to copy the symbols from different sources. Today, we’ll demonstrate just three websites to look up the appropriate designs for your name.

How to Find Stylish Name Symbols in PUBG Mobile


This name generator is the only one that lets you personalize your in-game name absolutely for free. Users input their preferred names, and it’s the AI processes and provide the results and display names with different styles. Additionally, you are able to access a large selection of symbols. There is no limit in the design of your IGN!


Lingojam is in essence identical to however, it has some unique fonts that aren’t available on the other website. Users must also type in an address to receive the outcome – available with a variety of fonts. The icons are ready for you as well. Pick and personalize according to your preferences.


Of the three name generators Nickfinder may be the more well-known. It has a huge number of symbols and nicknames that were created from the very beginning of its debut.

How to Add the Symbols to Your Name in PUBG Mobile

  • 1. Copy the name using the symbols of your choice
  • 2. Go to your inventory, then click the Rename Card
  • #3: Copy to copy and paste the name into the text box, then press OK to change the name.

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