PUBG New State (Mobile): Map, features, size, and more revealed

PUBG New State Mobile is one of the newest additions to the PUBG Mobile franchise. Krafton Inc. announced its next Battle Royale title in February 2021.

PUBG New State Mobile has attracted significant attention from gamers. The title was reported to have completed more than ten million pre-registrations in just a few months.

The developers have teased various locations. This article will reveal the map details and various features of PUBG New State Mobile.

PUBG New State Mobile: Locations from Troi hypes up gamers

PUBG New State will be set in the fictional city of Troi on a new 8×8 map. Krafton Inc. recently revealed a handful of locations in Troi.

The first location revealed was the showroom. According to the developers, the room used to be the heart of attraction for the citizens of Troi. However, it now serves as a place for war and hand-to-hand combat.

The other location was The Mall. The mall was a bustling gathering place that attracted many citizens. However, like the showroom, it is sterile and attracts survivors who have the courage to take part in a tough war.

The Laboratory was the next location to be revealed. This was once the epicenter of science activities that now serves as a perfect spawn point for various weapons and a favorable place for players to stop by.

The Trailer Park was the last location revealed by the developers of PUBG New State Mobile. The remains of the park serve as the perfect place to form squads and ambush opponents. The end of the park also has a ramp that players can use to exit the area.

Krafton Inc. has added several new skins to PUBG New State Mobile. The game is set in the year 2051. Therefore, players will see a lot of futuristic things regarding weapons and ammunition. The teasers also revealed that the vehicles had been improvised and added a futuristic look.

Krafton Inc. has also worked efficiently to bring about change in terms of gaming graphics.

The developers said that the game features,

“Ultra-realistic graphics that exceeds the limits of mobile gaming with the “global illumination” technology, PUBG: NEW STATE surpasses what was previously possible in mobile gaming graphics”

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