How to get room cards for 50% in Free Fire MAX today

Fans are able to get an various prizes and collectibles with Garena Free Fire and Free Fire MAX. The wide variety of merchandise is exciting for the vast majority of players. This is why Garena presents a variety of offers or events to increase players’ engagement through offering discount or free products.

A similar offer is available this moment, i.e., on 12 August 2023. This offer will cut the price of all the room cards that are available that are in the game by half. But, it’s only for a brief period and is valid until the close of the day.

Therefore, users need to get their act together if they are looking to get rooms in Garena Free Fire/FF Max.

Garena Free Fire MAX: Room cards for all custom modes are offered at a discounted price (12 July 2023)

As we mentioned previously The new promotion is available until the end of the day, i.e., 12 August 2023. Players can only buy room cards via the in-game store’s “New” section.

The discount price of 50 gems (half the normal 100-diamond price). But only those who have enough cash are eligible to purchase.

How do I purchase a room card within Garena FREE Fire MAX

Customers should follow these steps to get room cards at the store now:

Step 1.They are able to open their Free Fire MAX app on their tablet or smartphone.

Step 2.Players need to log in using the account linked to the Free Fireor Fire MAX accounts. Fire MAX accounts.

Step 3.On the main lobby, users must click on ‘Store’ to the left.

4.Gamers need to click on the ‘New’ tab in which they will be able to see rooms at discounted rates.

5.They will need to select the hotel card that they want to purchase and then tap the “Buy” button.

6.Readers need to pay fifty diamonds (today only) to complete the transaction. After the transaction is completed, the card will be automatically credited to their accounts. They can use to play in this custom games mode.

How do I use the rooms card when in custom mode

If players have an account in a room using this methods to utilize the card:

Step 1.Open the game, then log in with the social network platform.

Step 2.Go to the ‘Game mode’ tab and click on the option ‘BR-Ranked’.

Step 3.In the section for modes Users will see the option ‘Custom’ at the bottom of the screen. You can tap that button to access the custom options.

step 4:Garena Free Fire/Free Fire MAX offers four different types of room cards that can be used in five different types of custom rooms. The options for custom mode are in the following order:

  • Casual: Room Card (1 Match)
  • League:Room Card (1 Match)
  • Pet Rumble:Pet Rumble Room Card (1 Match)
  • Craftland:Craftland Room Card (1 Match)
  • Pet Mania: Pet Mania Room Card (1 Match)

Players can select the game they wish to play in the event they possess a room card.

step 5:They have to select the details for their specific custom room which includes map, game mode and password, team mode the number of players as well as spectators.

After the users have completed their changes, they are able to click ‘Confirm’ to create an account. The title will deduct credit from its account for the card.

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