PUBG Mobile Royale Pass, upcoming skins and brand collaborations

After the latest update, PUBG Mobile or BGMI has introduced a new RP course, the Royal Pass for the C1S2 season where M3 is the latest installment that players see. In the new system, the player can get more than twice the rewards that he used to get in the old season system. Next month & M3 is no exception as the developers are back with more exciting and cool skins and bonuses.

PUBG Mobile/BGMI C1S2 M3 RP Leaks: Royal Pass theme

According to available leaks and reports, the Royal Pass is supposed to be built around food items, specifically fast food as teased by upcoming RP avatars and RP outfits.

The outfit that can be claimed at RP level 50 after purchasing the Royal Ticket for the respective season is also the subject of the same topic. This is evident from the potential leakage of the outfit.

Also for free RP users, there will be a guaranteed pistol look like every season. This time the skin will be the Groza, the fan’s favorite weapon. Thus, this will be so widely used that there is hardly anyone who wants to miss the opportunity to get the look of a free pistol.

PUBG Mobile/BGMI C1S2 M3 RP Leaks: New upgradeable gun skins

In the upcoming C1S2 M3, PUBG Mobile/BGMI will provide more than one upgradable pistol skin for players. It is bound to attract players because of their ultimate ultimate forms. All weapons will unlock special effects when skins are upgraded and will be visible when killing an enemy in the form of a death message or a special killing effect. Below are the upgradeable gun skins for the M3 installment.

  • M416– TechnoCore (The skin will have 4 levels to upgrade)
  • QBZ– Fatal Strike (The skin will have 4 levels to upgrade)
  • M762– Deadly Precision
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PUBG Mobile x Koenigsegg collaboration

In the past few months, we’ve seen that PUBG Mobile PLAS its sub-versions have teamed up with global auto tycoons like Tesla and McLaren. This brought in the skins of selected companies’ cars and was met with an overwhelming response from the player base. Well, those who are willing to cash in on the cash again hold on tight, as the game is now partnering with another supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg from Sweden. One of the leading brands of supercars worldwide, Koenigsegg will team up with PUBG Mobile to bring skins for Dacia and the rather new addition Coupe RB.

Both cars will get skins for one car model each. The legendary Dacia will be customized leather Koenigsegg Gemera while the legendary Coupe RB leather will be customized by Koenigsegg Jesko. Taking into account previous collaborations, it might be safe to say that the skins won’t come cheap, but they will be really rewarding and well worth it for those who manage to get them.


As always, PUBG Mobile introduces a range of new and exciting skins as it does every season. These add-ons and their success cannot be judged by any means, other than player ratings and responses. But with the developers making great strides such as cooperating with world-famous companies, the game is supposed to gain a stronger position in the market.

What do you think of the PUBG Mobile / BGMI C1S2 M3 RP leaks? Let us know in the comments below.

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