Tips For PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.3: Fuel Stations, Bicycle Shed & Seaports

PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.3 features a number of exciting new features, including gasoline stations Seaports along with bicycle barns. Take a look at the top suggestions to use this map.

PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.3 includes a variety of exciting new features, including gasoline stations Seaports along with bicycle barns. Find their locations and the best ways to utilize these features in a smart way and enjoy Chicken Dinner.

#1. Fuel Stations

Fuel Station Fuel Station will be the biggest and most thrilling addition to PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.3 . There are a variety of fuel stations within Erangel. However, they are only functional following the release of 2.3 . If your vehicle is running low on fuel , but you are unable to locate a gas tank to fill your car visit the closest petrol station.

However, you can’t fill up your tank for no cost. The fuel tank of your vehicle is full. costs 1 shop token. The amount of time needed to refill depends on the quantity of fuel you’ll have to fill it up until you’re full. If your car’s fuel tank is completely empty, it can take an extended time. This is why you must refill your fuel prior to it becoming completely empty.

#2. Bicycle Shed

There are a few bicycle sheds and go on a bicycle to ride. A shed can be found located in Stalber within Erangel. There are times when you will find enemies at the location, who are also there to purchase the vehicle. The bicycle isn’t an original car to PUBG Mobile players, but the shed for bicycles is completely brand new.

#3. Seaports

The famous map Erangel includes three new ports at sea. They are located in Ferry Pier, the shore beneath the Farm as well as within the Northern short of Sosnovka Military Base. Your entire team will be able to discover a variety of modern equipment in these ports.

Additionally, you will be able to locate boats that can be used by a complete team to cross the river and get into the play area. It’s a secure way to traverse the river without having to engage in bridge fighting.

#4. Vehicle Storage

In the update 2.3 the players are able to use the storage space in their motorbike or car to store their supplies. This allows PUBG Mobile players get more of the essential supplies needed to be ready for battle in the future zones. The team can swap items while in the vehicle, which is safer than transferring things in the open field.

#5. Other Changes

NUSA received the spotlight in the latest update. However, there are a lot of modifications to some of the previous locations from PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.3 which make the map attractive.

  • The Hospital has been destroyed and has numerous large holes in its walls and ceilings.
  • There’s a newly launched Flash Shop with many discounted products for customers to purchase.
  • There are new supply crates within homes to steal equipment or to purchase tokens for fuel.
  • Mini-14 is stronger and is easier to manage with a lower recoil, and slightly more base damage.
  • The damage base caused by AUG is also slightly raised.

The brand new game map PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.3 featuring a variety of new features is a fascinating update. You can play the game on your own or with your team of permanent players right now.

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