Top 10 guns to use in Free Fire according to official stats (MAX version)

Free Fire MAX gives players the opportunity to select from a wide range of firearms. You can choose from many SMGs, shotguns and assault rifles.

Every gamer has a favorite weapon that they feel more comfortable with in a battle royale match. A few weapons are better than others, and they are used widely by players of all ranks.

Not: The List is purely based upon Garena’s Gun Ranking.

Top 10 guns in Free Fire MAX

Garena has created a new Gun Ranking option for the Free Fire MAX news section. It lists firearms according to a variety of criteria including gun category, game mode, rank and game mode.

This list will allow players to find the best weapon for them, which will help them win more matches.

Clash Squad

Clash Squad matches allow guns to be ranked based on their kill rate. This is the average number kills that players achieve with each gun. These are the top 10 guns in each rank:

  • UMP: 0.82 Kill Rate
  • GROZA: 0.80 killing rate
  • Thompson: 0.80 killing rate
  • FAMAS-II: 0.76 killing rate
  • Bizon: 0.74 killing rate
  • PARAFAL: 0.73 killing rate
  • MAC10: 0.71 Kill Rate
  • MP5: 0.70 killing rate
  • AC80: 0.70 killing rate
  • M14-II: 0.70 killing rate

Five SMGs are included in the list, which isn’t surprising considering that most fights take place in close-range combat. UMP, Thompson and MP5 are all good guns and can quickly destroy your enemies.

The AC80 marksman rifle has also been added to the list. This gun is unique in that it can deal additional damage if the target gets hit with two consecutive shots. This rifle is great for long-range, mid- to long-range fighting.

The assault rifles are the other four. These guns do great damage to your opponent. PARAFAL and M14 II are equipped with lower rates of fire, but FAMAS and GROZA have a higher rate.

All shotguns have a low kill rate, and they are not among the top 10. This could be because shotguns can be quite expensive.

Battle Royale

A kill rate is the average number kills per gun in Battle Royale matches within Free Fire MAX. These are the guns ranked according to kill rate:

  1. M4A1Z: 0.99 kill rate
  2. M14-III: 0.93 killing rate
  3. Kar98k-III: 0.87 Kill Rate
  4. GROZA: 0.81 killing rate
  5. SVD: 0.80 killing rate
  6. VSS-III: 0.79 killing rate
  7. GROZAX: 0.71 killing rate
  8. SVD-Y 0.70 kill rate
  9. AC80: 0.69 Kill Rate
  10. M249-X: 0.58 killing rate

Because many of the fights are over long-range, shotguns and SMGs fall out of the top 10 spots. Instead, players will be treated to four assault rifles that make their way up the rankings: M4A1Z, M14-III and GROZA. These assault rifles are deadly in long-range and mid-range matches.

You will also find SVD, AC80 and SVDY DMRs. These guns are more effective for gamers who use them to fight long-range. Kar98k-III is a very balanced sniper weapon. Gamers can use AWM because it is less widely available.

VSS is the only gun that can use SMG ammo. It is basically a silenced Sniper rifle.

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