Trevor Philips’ voice actor does a Cameo video related to GTA 6

Trevor Philips’ voice actor does a Cameo video related to GTA 6, and it doesn’t end well

GTA speedrunner Hugo One, had paid Trevor Philips’ voice actor for the role in a Cameo video in which he gave tips for GTA 6. Jason as well as Lucia. The problem was that Hugo One found the Cameo video very dissatisfying, prompting many who follow his channel on YouTube to petition for him to get an exchange for the money.

It wasn’t the first incident where Hugo One paid for Steven Ogg’s services via Cameo. Prior to the incident, Hugo One asked Steven Ogg to speak out about GTA San Andreas’s “sweet. In contrast, the latter was mostly content with the Cameo video.

So, it’s not too surprising to see YouTubers ask for a second Cameo video after the previous one did very well.

YouTubers request an GTA 6-inspired Cameo video by Trevor Philips’ voice actor

The whole incident is shown in the following YouTube video uploaded by Hugo One himself. This article will highlight the essential parts for those who do not want to see the whole thing.

Hugo One asks pays Steven Ogg to create an quick Cameo video aimed at GTA Six’s Jason Lucia and Jason Lucia. The directions included:

“Please send a message from Trevor to Jason and Lucia telling them to be careful in Vice City. It can be dangerous there and watch out for the cops in Port Gelhorn. Tell them that maybe you will see them out there. Feel free to be crazy.”

The paid Cameo begins a bit awkwardly, and includes one section that reads:

“He wanted me to give you this message from Trevor, which of course I’m not Trevor, my name is Steven Ogg and I am an actor and I’m a recovering actor.”

Then, he adds:

“…and it’s practically impossible for me become a cartoon. It’s almost impossible to me to be an animated character like I could be.”

Hugo One then pauses the video to remind his viewers that he spent $140 to purchase this Cameo video.

Steven Ogg eventually gets to the message that GTA 6’s characters:

“…to ensure that each of you be careful when you are in Vice City. Vice City I’m not sure what it means, but I believe it’s possibly an element of the GTA thing. Anyways it’s very dangerous. Beware of the officers or Port Gelhorn, don’t understand the reference. And you can be sure that I’ll see you there, hahaha. Because I’m a cartoon right? I’ll also see you in the streets since none of it is authentic.”

Steven Ogg then does some generic “thank yous” at the at the end in the Cameo video. It’s not surprising that Hugo One disliked what he purchased. He was hoping for Trevor Philips to make a cool crossover with GTA 6’s Jason and Lucia however this isn’t what he received.

Hugo One then wondered if Steven Ogg hates the character that he plays as in GTA 6 or felt somehow disregarded by the request. The majority of the remarks on the video were critical of Steven Ogg for his performance and demanded Hugo One to get an apology.

Hugo One posted this clip on the 7th of October 2023. The video is basically edits of his very unpopular Cameo. It is basically a reversal of the nonsense about the cartoon characters as fake, which makes it more compatible with the original request of the YouTuber.

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