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After testing more than 30 different UAE VPN providers We recommend these as the top free VPN service for UAE

In case you live in the UAE and are looking to cut out any monthly costs for a VPN, you might be interested in knowing the best free VPNs for UAE. We’ve put together the top free VPNs for UAE that you can make use of from 2024.

It is the United Arab Emirates is a country that has strict rules regarding internet censorship. Every VoIP services, such as Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and FaceTime are banned in the UAE by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).

In the end it is possible that you will require to utilize a VPN service to gain access to restricted content, apps, and websites in the UAE.

You’ll also be able to unlock streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and many more with VPN. VPN.

What’s better than an free VPN that is working within the UAE in this kind of situation, isn’t it?

After having tested over 30 different VPN services across the UAE Our team of experts has identified the best six free VPNs as well as the top five VPN services that provide a free trial for both UAE as well as Dubai.

So, without further delay we’ll take a look at the most reliable free VPN to use for UAE as well as Dubai by 2024.

The best and most free VPN service for UAE and Dubai

Below is a complete list of free VPNs available in UAE and Dubai. UAE in addition to Dubai.

1. Urban VPN – Overall the best free VPN service for UAE

streaming applications which free Urban VPN allows access to: YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, Player, Disney+

Working devices: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android

Browser extension: Chrome, Firefox, Edge

Price: Free


  • Completely free
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited devices
  • Unblocks all blocked websites and streaming services.


  • It can be slow

Urban VPN is one of the most reliable and free VPN services that is available throughout the UAE. It is a service that offers unlimited bandwidth and multiple devices per account.

By using Urban VPN, you will be able to access any websites as well as streaming services without limitations.

It is possible to connect with Urban VPN on any device that supports it, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. There is also an extension for the browser for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

It secures your data and guarantees your online privacy is secured. It is, however, Urban VPN can be slow at times.

Urban has the same security features as the highly rated paid VPN service.

With that said, Urban VPN is the top free VPN app for UAE in 2024.

How do I access the Urban VPN within the United Arab Emirates?

You can connect to Urban VPN in easy three steps:

  • Step 1: Visit Urban VPN UAE
  • Step 2. Install the app to your device or install an extension in your browser.
  • Step 3. You now should have secure and safe internet access.

2. Turbo VPN – The best free VPN available for UAE and unlimited bandwidth

Working devices: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Android Lite

Browser extension: Chrome, Edge

Price: Free


  • Absolutely free at no cost
  • The fastest free VPN within the UAE
  • Highly reviewed free VPN provider in the UAE
  • Free VPN service provider in the UAE that offers unlimited bandwidth
  • It is possible to upgrade it to an affordable version that costs less for additional features.


  • The less server locations available for free access
  • One device per free account
  • The free version cannot unblock streaming services.

Turbo VPN is a highly rated top free VPN available in the UAE. It provides unlimited bandwidth and rapid streaming speeds.

Turbo VPN is among the most efficient free VPNs to browse the internet with no restrictions.

With an uncompromising no-log policy, Turbo VPN’s free plan offered by Turbo VPN guarantees your privacy and security surfing the web.

It also offers its premium economic membership that comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee in case you wish to try the service free within the first thirty days prior to investing any money

How can I use Turbo VPN for free in the UAE?

You can connect to Turbo VPN in easy three steps:

  • Step 1. Visit free VPN, install and download your free Turbo VPN app.
  • Step 2. Join the web server that is available at the location you are in.
  • Step 3. You’re now ready to secure your browsing using this free Turbo VPN app.

3. Hola VPN – The best totally free VPN for streaming service in UAE in the world for streaming service

streaming services that Hola unlocks: Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Youtube

Working devices: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android

Browser extension: Chrome, Firefox, Edge

Upgrades Available: Yes

Price: Free


  • Absolutely free at no cost
  • Are you able to access streaming services?
  • You can upgrade your Hola VPN free plans to premium


  • Only limited use on a daily basis

Hola VPN provides a free plan with a limited data usage to allow unblocking of geo-restricted content. The service does not store logs of user activities to ensure the privacy of users.

Contrary to other VPN’s free plan options, it blocks streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video. It’s also among the most efficient free VPN services to unblock WhatsApp as well as other call applications.

Hola VPN comes as a browser extension available for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

You can upgrade to the premium plan to get additional security features and advantages.

Hola Premium Plan Hola premium plan is upgraded for just $2.99/month and offers users an ad-free experience, a faster speed and access to over 54 countries

How can I get into Hola within the United Arab Emirates?

Hola is accessible to you Hola in just two easy steps:

  • Step 1: Visit Hola VPN.
  • Step 2. Install the app on your device, or install an extension in your browser.
  • Step 3. Get safe internet access with an free VPN that is available in UAE.

4. iTop VPN – Best fastest , completely free VPN available for UAE

Working devices: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Chromebook

Browser extension: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari

Upgrades available: Yes

Price: Free


  • Completely free
  • You can upgrade to a faster, better plan at a reasonable cost


  • Limited data per day
  • Free servers are accessible for some areas.

ITop VPN’s 16 lightning fast servers offer rapid, free VPN service in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai as well as other regions of the globe. The free version gives 700MB of daily data allowance. [4]

iTop VPN also offers many extra features, including streaming games, VIP servers, privacy protection, and blocking of ad/tracker/malware. The Torrents download feature is safe and secure ideal for those looking to download files without revealing their identity.

Split tunneling connections allow users to use the ISP’s connection to perform certain tasks and use the VPN for other. No matter if you’re an occasional user or a serious downloader, iTop VPN has something for all users and is free.

With iTop’s low-cost upgrades options for additional features, you are able to take advantage of iTop VPN’s free version available in UAE to meet your requirements.

How can I connect to iTop free VPN for the United Arab Emirates?

You can use iTop VPN in easy three steps:

  • Step 1: Sign up for an iTop VPN.
  • Step 2. Install your VPN to your computer, or install a browser plugin.
  • Step 3. Surf the web safely for free.

5. Hotspot Shield VPN Top user-friendly, completely free VPN available for UAE

Working devices: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Browser extension: Chrome

Upgrades Available: Yes

Price: Free


  • Absolutely free plan is offered
  • Easy to use


  • Slower than others.
  • Limited bandwidth available per day
  • It is not possible to remove the blockage of streaming services.
  • Support for customers 24/7 is not available

Hotspot Shield VPN is a free personal virtual private network service that is available in Dubai and the UAE. It offers users online security, privacy, military grade encryption and security.

Hotspot Shield VPN does not keep track of your browsing device’s logs, and provides two Mbps connection speed. The data limit is at 500MB daily. [5]

Customer support is only accessible via our support centre. Support for Hydra, IPSec, and OpenVPN protocols are available.

While you are able to benefit from Hotspot Shield’s base free VPN plan in the UAE and beyond, it will permit you to upgrade to the premium version to enjoy a more speedy and efficient experience.

How do I access Hotspot Shield in the United Arab Emirates?

It is possible to access Hotspot Shield in easy three steps:

  • Step 1.Visit Hotspot Shield to download and then sign to their free app.
  • Step 2. Sign in using your credentials.
  • tip 3. Make connections to your server at the location you prefer and connect to the internet securely.

6. VPN – Best trustworthy free VPN service provider in the UAE

Working devices: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Router

Browser extension: Chrome, Firefox, Edge

Upgrades Available: Yes

Price: Free


  • Absolutely free at no cost
  • Easy to use


  • The free plans offer a low bandwidth
  • Doesn’t offer streaming support for streaming free VPN in the UAE gives you the ability to browse the internet without restrictions.

With the free plan, you get 10 GB of data usage per month across five locations around the globe, of which UAE is among them. offers advanced encryption and an uncompromising no-log policy therefore your privacy is secured even when you’re using the free plan.

You can connect to servers across 22 countries with the free VPN plan. It does not unlock streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer as well as Prime Video.

While you’re enjoying using the free VPN plan, you can upgrade to the premium version, which offers greater security and access at affordable prices.

It is among the top free VPN available that operates in UAE.

How can I connect with for the UAE?

You can log on to in just three steps:

  • Step 1. Visit the official website
  • Step 2. Choose your free plan and then sign up.
  • Step 3. Select the server you want to use and you’re all ready.

Now you have discovered the best of the top free VPNs which work in UAE as well as Dubai. Apart from Urban VPN, all the other VPN services offer premium subscriptions that you can upgrade at any time.

In the next section, you will find some of the top free trial VPN that offer money-back assurances. They allow you to try the service for free for a set period before you begin your subscription. They all offer at least 30 days of money-back assurance should you want to cancel. We suggest the following VPNs that offer free trails for travelers and tourists who are within the UAE.

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