How to Unban Any PUBG Mobile Account (Unban Trick 2023)

How to Unban PUBG Mobile Account

We all love being a part of in the PUBG game. However, if it is time to end the PUBG account, what is the best way can we remove the ban from PUBG mobile accounts?

The entire article today is connected to the subject. This means that in this article I’ll show you how to unban our PUBG account by using a legal procedure.

I have discussed a number of PUBG Hacks in my site. Many have used the hack, but it hasn’t made any impact on their accounts.

To this day, I have posted on my website only those hacks that will work most beneficial for your personal information. That means you can be sure that the account won’t be compromised in any way by using it.

Recently, I posted a No Recoil file to PUBG for my visitors to my website. Many players downloaded it and also praised the file. Since I regularly update my website I keep everything on my site that is current.

Let’s look at how to get rid of your PUBG account. Your PUBG account can only be removed if you are in violation of PUBG guidelines. For instance, if you make use of an White body file to measure BGMI.

A majority of PUBG accounts are blocked because they’re using ESp Mod applications. If you’re one of those players whose PUBG account was banned and you’d like to get it back I will assist you.

Latest Method:

This is the newest method to remove the ban on the account PUBG as well as BGMI account. This method is able to be applied to the both PUBG and BGMI accounts. Many users are asking for help in Instagaram ‘ How to remove the ban from a PUBG Account This procedure is very simple. I discovered something new to retrieve your BGMI/PUBG account.

Before you begin this process be sure that you’ve never attempted to use any APK mod, config hacks or apk to your account. If you feel there was an error and PUBG security has banned your account, you are able to apply for a release of your BGMI/PUBG account.

I have watched many videos on how to remove the ban from PUBG account. All of them put the same content in videos. They said to first take pictures and then send an email at PUBG Mobile BLAA BLAA! However, PUBG has never responded to anyone via email. What should we do?

Today, everybody has an account on Twitter, yes you can log into your account on Twitter and compose an account tweet and include a tag for the PUBG MOBILE. If you’re not sure this, copy the following paragraph and then tweet.

If you’ve made use of minor hacks to your account, your account will not be banned. If however, you’ve made use of numerous hacks that are dangerous on your account, then your account will not be able to be unbanned.

Unban Any PUBG Mobile Account (Unban Trick 2023)

Team @PUBGMOBILE I purchase a lot of UC and spend it on my account. But this morning, when I turned on my game, my account was banned. I never use any hack on my account, I Think this is the mistake from PUBG Security and I request you to check my ID: xxxxxxxxxxx  

Follow my steps to remove the ban on every PUBG account. If you’re interested in PUBG configurations, you should consider trying the No Recoil File to PUBG Lite.

  • Open PUBG Game.
  • Take Screenshot of Ban Notice.
  • Click on File Claim.
  • Select “why is my account Ban”
  • Click on the record of ban.
  • Take screen shots of the ban record.
  • Enter “I want my PUBG account back”
  • Click the send button.
  • Click on the Contact Us button.
  • Type Banned Date.
  • Description of Type (Scroll down to review).
  • Upload your both Screenshots.
  • Select “Submit my case”.

More Explanation:

You might not be able to comprehend the steps mentioned above. Therefore, I will try to explain the steps more in this article. The first step is to sign in into your ban PUBG account.

When you click”Login”, a message appears before you, telling you that your account is banned. It is important to capture a picture of the notice.

You must then click the file claim button. You will then be presented with a variety of choices, but you will need choose the ‘why did I get my account banned. If you’re looking for hacks, you should learn more about hacking every Free Fire account.

Click on the ban record button. You will receive the details of the ban on your account. It is also necessary to capture a picture of this information. If you’re a BGMI player, you should be aware of 1.9 No Recoil Files for BGMI.

When you have entered the information about the PUBG ban on your account and then send it to PUBG You will be able to see an email us button.

When you click on”Contact Us” you’ll get a fresh interface where you will be offered three choices. Click Here to view the Practical video.

The first choice is to input the date when you PUBG account was shut down. In the second option you must compose a short description of the reason why you explain the reason the reason why your PUBG account is blocked.



I will not play PUBG anymore because I have UC and many achievements in my account, and you have banned my account for without any reason.

After you’ve written your description, you’ll be given the option of attaching the screenshot. In this case, you need to upload both of your screenshots and then click the’submit my case’.

You now are aware of how to remove the ban on your PUBG account. However, we must take another step. Also, we must include an official PUBG email.

You have to write an e-mail to this e-mail (2f******189@2*** in which you have to send them some details related to your account.

I have also provided below the contact information that you must write into the email. Copy and paste it from here.

Type Email


Recently I am trying to log in my PUBG account, but it’s showing your PUBG account banned for valeting policies even I didn’t break any kind of PUBG rule’s please fix it as soon as possible.

Character ID:

Your PUBG Account

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my article. If you’re still having an issue, or would like to ask me questions, you can reach me by texting me to my Instagram.

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