How To Unban PUBG Mobile Account

With millions of players worldwide use PUBG Mobile on mobile devices, game’s developers have recently taken some difficult decisions that could result in being banned from your PUBG account if you violate the rules of the game. 

Cheaters ruin the enjoyment of the game and being unfairly advantaged over other players affects the enjoyment that the sport. If you’re unfortunate enough and were found guilty, or you did not did anything illegal the account is still barred. Follow this guide to get your account back PUBG mobile account by following the steps listed below.

Users who take extreme behaviors like using games bots or using illegal software could cause their account being suspended permanently or temporarily being blocked. Naturally, nobody would like this to happen. Therefore, if you’ve violated the rules for good, Tencent games must have blocked your account to respond.

What is a PUBG Account Ban and how to Unban PUBG Mobile Account?

PUBG is certainly an extremely played gaming platforms for video games. Everybody, at least one time, considered playing it. If it’s banned, it will be a headache to Unban the PUBG Mobile Account. This means that a lot of people are already playing the game even the cheaters. 

Hackers or cheaters may employ certain tools or hacks to gain an advantage over the other players. This is monitored and monitored by Tencent Mobiles (The developers of PUBG) by using their Anti-Cheat system to track every illicit activity.

The cheats could employ an aim-bot, which can assist to ensure a perfect headshot or use the Wall Hack that can allow players to see further than the wall. There are many other tools to help cheaters to score their chicken dinners fast however PUBG is able to easily detect cheaters,

or when a player from the team opposing you reports the player as suspicious. The best advice we can offer to you is “Don’t Cheat Once More’. Cheating isn’t hard but it’s not going to last for long.

Read Tencent Game’s policy page, on which you’ll discover a variety of things that are against the practice. PUBG generally disallows gamers who are using illegal software, and others to cheat in a game. If you’ve done this, it could not be noticed. However, if you’ve been taking this practice for a long time currently, they may expel you immediately.

If it’s not the fault of you that you were banned, then you have the right to do something about this. Here are some of the most frequently cited reasons PUBG is unable to ban certain players. Once you understand the reasons, you’ll be able remove the account of your PUBG Mobile Account with ease.

Reasons Why Your PUBG Account May Get Banned and how to Unban PUBG Mobile Account

For a variety of motives, PUBG bans certain players. The help Page for PUBG Mobile to learn the reason. However, to save you time, we’ve written these down below.

  • If you’ve used any illegal software or cheating tool There is a high possibility that your account was blocked for that. AIM hackers and bots can be detected quickly.
  • If you’ve signed into your game using an untrusted third-party app and they block your account if the app modifies the data in the client’s file.
  • If you’ve changed something in the client’s information such as taking the grass out or changing the grass’s model or color This could lead to issues.
  • Utilizing an unofficial game application to enjoy PUBG.
  • If the information on your account isn’t accurate or you promote any illegal website or information it could result in your account shut down.
  • Cheating repeatedly during the same team
  • Using unauthorized payment channel for recharging UC
  • Working with players who are not part from your group.

The developers are constantly working in the direction of improving their system so that they can provide the best user experience. It’s therefore quite normal to be banned if you break their guidelines. They’re just trying to secure their platform from cheaters and hackers; this is all. This means it is more difficult for you to unban your account with PUBG Mobile if are the one responsible.

However, if they’ve already blocked your account, there’s no way to get it back. You can still file an appeal with Tencent to re-ban your PUBG accounts on mobile devices. However it is only possible to make this appeal if you are sure that you’re in good standing. This means you have not been engaged in any kind of hacking, fraud or anything else.

How to Unban PUBG Mobile Account?

Here’s how you can send an email to the service team at PUBG to restore and remove the PUBG mobile account.

  1. If you open your mobile PUBG, and if you’re banned, the notification above will show up immediately.
  2. You will find two options: File Claim and Terms of Service.
  3. Click on Terms of Service to read the reason for prohibiting
  4. To de-ban PUBG accounts on mobile devices, click Claim Claim
  5. You can then appeal, stating that the ban isn’t suitable for your situation.

It is now clear of the steps to remove a ban from an PUBG account. There is some work to be completed.

The reviewers will look over your options and respond to you in the event of a need. Another method to reinstate your account that was banned by sending an email. Once you have done this, you will be able to unban your mobile account on PUBG.

  1. Visit your Gmail and then click compose mail.
  2. Type in the in the sender address field
  3. Write your email using a suitable and relevant subject line
  4. Explain why you are not the right person to be banned and that they should unban the PUBG Mobile Account.
  5. Be sure to include your account ID and character name in the body of your email
  6. Check the email time and click the send button

Then , the review team will examine your application and report back to you if not found to be guilty. However, if you’re already in trouble, put aside you PUBG account. It is best to open an account from scratch and follow the guidelines this time.

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