Unlock New Character Emilia In PUBG Mobile For Free 2023

To get the new character Emilia in PUBG Mobile for free in 2023, all you have to do is follow these simple steps. First, open the game and go to the settings. Second, click on the “Download” tab. Third, select the “Install” option. Fourth, wait for the installation to complete. Fifth, open the game and enjoy your new character!

PUBG Mobile is giving players the chance to unlock a new character for free. Emilia is a new character that can be unlocked by completing certain in-game tasks. Players will need to complete these tasks before the end of 2023 in order to unlock Emilia.

Players who want to unlock Emilia will need to complete a number of in-game tasks. These tasks include reaching certain levels, killstreaks, and more. Once these tasks are completed, Emilia will be unlocked for free.

PUBG Mobile is giving players the chance to get their hands on a new character early. Emilia can be unlocked by completing certain in-game objectives before the end of 2023. So make sure you’re ready for a challenge and start working towards unlocking Emilia today!

PUBG Mobile new character: How to get Emilia for free?

In recent months, PUBG Mobile has seen a surge in popularity. To keep players engaged, the developers have released a series of new characters. The latest character is Emilia. Here’s how to get her for free.

  1. Emilia is a new character that has been added to PUBG Mobile. She can be obtained for free by following the steps below.
  2. To get Emilia, players will need to first go to the in-game store and purchase the $9.99 Character Pass. Once this has been done, they will need to complete all of the daily and weekly missions that are available.
  3. Upon completion of all the missions, players will be awarded with Emilia as a reward. She can be used in any game mode and will provide a boost to the player’s stats.
  4. Emilia is a great addition to PUBG Mobile and provides an extra edge for those who want to win chicken dinners. Get her for free by following the steps above!

In PUBG Mobile, a new character named Emilia has been added to the game. Emilia is a free character and can be obtained by completing certain tasks in the game. In this article, we will show you how to get Emilia for free.

Are you seeking an opportunity to unlock the new character Emilia in PUBG Mobile for Free? You’re in the right spot. Get all the details about unlocking new character Emilia within PUBG Mobile for free by 2023.

A new and brash season for PUBG Mobile (C3S8) is available and alongside the brand new season update, there’s an unexpected feature. And it’s a brand-new character. Krafton has released the female character known as Emilia.

Emilia will be the 3rd female player in PUBG Mobile, following Sara and Anna. Following its introduction, this brand new model, PUBG Mobile now consists of six characters in three of them are male and three female characters.

Male characters include Victor, Andy and Carlo and female characters are Sara, Anna and Emilia.

What is Emilia Character?

As described in official game play,

“Emilia comes born in Kent, England. Both of her parents are material scientists. Highly skilled, she was has a specialization in the field of materials science and created a catalyst that can quickly make liquids solid. 

When she was in the middle of an incident, she realized that the catalyst could be more solid when combined with foam for fighting fires. She instantly realized the benefits that this method of technology could bring to real combat. 

Emilia went to a secluded country to participate in a local battle royale event in hopes of further improving her capabilities through actual battles. But she didn’t expect to be involved in a battle that large.”

More details on the character Emilia can be found below:

  • Emilia is the Emilia character is at the 1st level.
  • Its voice pack arrives at Level 2.
  • Level 3 Voucher card and the 50X character multiplier.
  • Level 4 10-x character Shard card.
  • Legendary emote available at level 5
  • The voice pack is at Level 6.
  • 7. Level 7, 100x Voucher for Character Card
  • Stage 8: 20x character-shard
  • Emilia’s voice pack on Level 9
  • Tenth Level: Emilia MVP Emote

What are the methods to unlock PUBG Mobile characters?

PUBG Mobile gives special voucher for players for various occasions and this voucher known as a character voucher. Players can purchase characters with these vouchers.

Additionally, these characters can be unlocked through UC too. However, purchasing the characters with UC is not feasible for all players.

  • Sara 600 Character Vouchers or 600 UC
  • Carlo 1200 Character Vouchers or 600 UC
  • Andy 1200 Character Vouchers or 600 UC

Unlock a new character Emilia on PUBG Mobile for free

Everybody would like to have the characters they want without spending a dime. You may have even abandoned the idea after failing to find the perfect solution. We’ve come up with not just one and not two but three solutions to these problems.

1. Utilizing various Apps

This is the only way to unlock a new character Emilia within PUBG Mobile for free.

We’ve already talked about in the previous article how you can earn free UC through various applications. It is easy to use these apps and receive free UC from which you will eventually get your preferred characters. 

The most trusted and reliable apps are mGamer app the dGamer application and the EZMoney application. Find out more about the apps below and the proof of payment are also displayed.

In these apps, you simply do a couple of survey and tasks and then you’ll be awarded UCs. These UC can be used to purchase royal pass spinning, opening crate, and numerous other things.

2. Bonus Challenge

It’s the 2nd option to Unlock the brand new character Emilia within PUBG Mobile for free.

PUBG Mobile has come out with numerous options. One of the most popular attributes are Bonus Challenge. Bonus Challenge allows you to earn gratis UC through Bonus Challenge. Bonus Challenge is a function within PUBG Mobile that lets you take part in various challenges and earn battle coins. With those battle coins, you can earn UC for no cost. You can exchange 100 UC per 1,000 battle coin.

For this challenge, you need to sign up for the challenge and receive the bonus challenge voucher. You can register to play TDM matches , or even the traditional matches. In each kill you make during any of these matches you will be rewarded with specific battle coins. If you win the match, you’ll be awarded with a large amounts of additional coins.

With these coins you can earn enough UC and eventually obtain your preferred PUBG Mobile character, such as Sara or Carlo or Andy.

3. Vouchers for Gathering Characters

This is the second and third method to unlock the new character Emilia within PUBG Mobile for free.

The process longer but is worth it. PUBG Mobile is often announcing with exciting challenges and challenges. For the majority of their challenges and challenges they provide a specific amount of character tokens.

The challenges or events may include completing a certain number of games or even killing specific enemies and numerous other. Below are some examples:

PUBG offers such promotions frequently, so keep checking the odd section daily and make an effort to finish the task. It is possible to accumulate the necessary amount of vouchers to unlock your most loved characters from the PUBG Mobile.


This is the method to unlock the brand the brand new Character Emilia in PUBG Mobile at no cost. You can apply any of these methods to unlock your preferred character unlock. Keep checking back for more exciting news and content.

FAQ: Unlock New Character Emilia In PUBG Mobile For Free 2023

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