What’s Section 69A of IT act, and why is BGMI banned in India?

Battlegrounds Mobile India, better known as BGMI is currently prohibited in India. The initial thought of fans was an issue with the software ended up being unforgiving when the government banned the download and use for the Battle Royale game in the nation.

The game has been pulled off both Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, and users will not be able download it from their device. In addition, purchases made in the game are also being made more difficult.

Based on what is known that the government has imposed this restriction in Section 69A. For more information, check out the below information for more information about this particular section and the game’s ban.

Information on the Section 69A in the IT Act and the ban on BGMI.

In essence, Sections 69A and 69B of the IT Act provides the government with the authority to issue instructions for blocking access by the public to any information via the internet or any other computer. The sub-section that is crucial to the Act reads:

Based on the above it’s clear that the game is in violation of certain lawsthat led to the suspension of the game. In September of 2020 the government imposed a ban on a number of Chinese games including PUBG Mobile (global version of BGMI) in the exact same reason.

It is important to note that there hasn’t been any official press release about the decision to ban the game.

Response of Krafton to the ban

Sean Hyunil Sohn, the chief executive officer of Krafton India, recently released an announcement in which he offered fans the latest information. As a response to this ban, he said that the privacy and security of users is paramount. He also said that they have been in compliance with the regulations and laws in India including regulations and laws governing the production of data.

Sean Hyunil Sohn also thanked the fans for their constant assistance to BGMI. The final part of his speech was Krafton is in constant contact with the authorities in charge and is working to resolve the problems.

In light of this The players are advised to stay tuned for further developments from the developer’s side and avoid anxiety. They’ll likely give more details about the future of the game soon.

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