Free Fire MAX players should not use GFX tool

Within Free Fire MAX, players who have superior speed of movement in addition to the capacity to hit accurately-hit headshots gain more recognition within the community. This inspires others to acquire these abilities. But, not all users can accomplish this on their own device.

To be the best players, they have to go through a long process of education while taking into consideration the capabilities of their mobile devices. In reality, a good amount of mobile gamers search for ways to improve their gaming. In these instances they’re likely to be drawn to the tools of GFX.

The products claim to offer improvements to the configuration of the player’s device. These tools are supported by certain content creators within the community in the way that gamers believe that they can provide the best gaming experience. However, using these products are not without its drawbacks.

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Free Fire MAX users must beware of using GFX tools

The GFX tools are third-party software that recommend settings with the highest efficiency for specific combinations of games and devices. According to the endorsers and these tools’ own instructions, when users implement changes to their in-game settings according to the guidelines, they won’t have to worry about FPS drop or problems with lag.

All is well and secure until this point, since the tools don’t have any connection to the game as of yet. However, the issue occurs when players are required to open the game and keep the game running in the background or start the game via the tool it self.

In both cases the application is in violation of the garena’s Anti-Hack and Abuse policy. This is due to the fact that GFX tools have access to the game’s files and play with them to offer a smooth, lag-free experience.

According to the Abuse policy, the use of third-party programs/applications is not permitted. If players are caught violating the rules and their accounts are suspended, they are suspended permanently. Third-party software could include hacking or skin MODS or anything that works through altering, tampering or altering the original game client.

Therefore, Free Fire MAX users should be advised not to use the GFX tool and similar applications to avoid serious consequences.

A guide to improve Free Fire MAX gameplay without making use of tools that are not legitimate

If gamers are having problems with frame drop and lag then they must first adjust their graphics (display) settings in the game.

Users with lower-end smartphones must always change their display settings to Smooth or Standard, or set their the FPS setting to normal. However for high-end phones, setting the settings to Ultra will not impact performance.

Additionally, Free Fire MAX users must turn off or change all options in the “FF MAX” page to Classic.

To boost speed of movement and headshot performance gamers can alter settings for sensitivity. Before opening the game it is recommended to close any apps running on the background. This will free up memory that will later boost the performance of the game.

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