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In this website you get the articles of pubg and the tips and tricks of pubg so in this website you get the many articles and I upload the articles 5 to 8 articles per day 

so you can get easily 5 to 8 articles per day about pubg and get the tips and tricks for pubg like recently I tell you about the higher gun damage and the free fire versus pubg mobile and the other articles also available in this website and

I am experienced one year for the website and I am study in the 12th class and I am 24th year old and I am live in Pakistan and my name is Sahil Baba and in the last of the about I am tell you that the all information of

And Popular Mobile and PC games you can easily get on this website and in

this website you have an article go to the search button and search this article if I uploaded this article on this website so you can easily get this article if I have not uploaded this article on the website you cannot that the article but I have also uploaded the almost  all information about the pubg on pubgpk.com

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PUBG PK is a Games Reviewing Website Hosted by Sahil Baba and I always tried to give you an honest review of every Application and we also share some tips and tricks related to the games Like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, and Popular Mobile and PC games. It is currently run by a team of two gaming enthusiasts. If you have any issues with this site Feel free to Contact Us. Thanks For My Website Visit