Get ready to add some sparkle to your arsenal because the latest PUBG MOBILE update brings the Luminous Muse M762 skin! This isn’t just your average gun skin; the Luminous Muse is an upgradable beauty that lets you personalize your weapon and unleash your inner artist (with bullets, of course).

More Than Just a Pretty Face

The Luminous Muse M762 starts with a sleek, futuristic design that wouldn’t look out of place in a sci-fi film. But the real magic happens as you level it up. Each upgrade unlocks new visual effects, transforming the gun into a glowing masterpiece. Imagine eliminating opponents with a weapon that bursts into radiant energy – that’s the power of the Luminous Muse.

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Level Up, Light Up

what awaits you as you upgrade the Luminous Muse M762:

  • Level 1: Base Design – Look sharp with the M762’s initial makeover.
  • Level 2: Elimination Tanda – Score a kill and witness a miniaturized explosion erupt from the weapon.
  • Level 3: Advanced Form – The Luminous Muse truly comes alive with a pulsating energy effect.
  • Level 4: Hit Effect – Land those crucial shots and see a dazzling spark fly with each hit.
  • Level 5: Ornament Slots – The ultimate level of customization! Add ornaments to personalize your Luminous Muse even further.
  • Level 6: Final Form – Prepare to be awestruck. The final form of the Luminous Muse is a sight to behold, with an incredible display of light and energy.

Claim Your Luminous Muse

The Luminous Muse M762 is available through the new Shades of Fantasy Spin. Buckle up and get ready for some spins, as this is a lucky draw event. You might also snag other cool items like the Luminous Muse character set while you chase your dream weapon.

Light Up the Competition

The Luminous Muse M762 isn’t just about looks (although, let’s be honest, it looks incredible). Upgrading this weapon is a testament to your dedication and skill.

So, grab your Luminous Muse, light up the battlefield, and leave your opponents in the dust (or glowing embers, depending on how the elimination effects play out). Are you ready to transform your M762? Drop into PUBG MOBILE and chase the Luminous Muse today!


What is the Luminous Muse M762 skin?

The Luminous Muse M762 is a new upgradable skin for the M762 assault rifle in PUBG MOBILE. It features a sleek futuristic design that gets even more impressive with each upgrade level.

What are the upgrade levels for the Luminous Muse M762?

There are 6 upgrade levels for the Luminous Muse M762, each offering unique visual enhancements:

  • Level 1: Base Design – Starting look for the skin.
  • Level 2: Elimination Tanda – Mini explosion effect upon kill.
  • Level 3: Advanced Form – Pulsating energy effect on the weapon.
  • Level 4: Hit Effect – Dazzling spark for each successful hit.
  • Level 5: Ornament Slots – Option to personalize with additional ornaments.
  • Level 6: Final Form – Most impressive form with an incredible light and energy display.

How do I get the Luminous Muse M762 skin?

The Luminous Muse M762 is available through the new Shades of Fantasy Spin, which is a lucky draw event. You’ll need to use in-game currency or special vouchers to participate in the spins.

What other items can I get from the Shades of Fantasy Spin?

Besides the Luminous Muse M762, the spin offers other rewards like the Luminous Muse character set and potentially other weapon skins.

Is the Luminous Muse M762 just a cosmetic upgrade?

While the Luminous Muse offers undeniable visual upgrades, it doesn’t affect the weapon’s base performance.

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