Virus Is Leak Zombies Are Back Pubg Mobile New Update

Virus is leak zombies are back pubg mobile new update, hello friends welcome back to another article and in this article .I am going to share the information about the pubg mobile, player unknown battleground mobile game latest news and the news is that new update and the new mode in the pubg mobile game have been released.

And the name of the new mode is virus is leak and the zombies are back and this means that in the past this, mode have been already released and now you are also able to play

this exclusive zombie mode in the world famous action Shooter game in which you can play with your friends and get eliminate open and players and can win the games so you don’t have to get tension because

this update is now available and there are many new features has been already released in this update and if you also don’t know how you can download or play this in the game then don’t get tension I am here to tell you all information about this update

How To Get New Update

How to get new update in the pubg mobile player around battleground game there are many persons who are playing the world best action Shooter game pubg mobile and now they had the news head the latest game mode zombies mode have been released in

the game in which you can kill the zombies and can unlike the new phone and now and this update have also been released with the best feature and the new update so every one wanted to download it and update the game into the new version to

get this exclusive game mode so if you are also a person who wanted to get this new update in the game then first of all you have to follow the steps given below to get your game into the new version.

  • First of all go to the internet and if you have a Google Play store then go to Google Play store.
  • After that you have to search for the pubg mobile game when you search for it you will find it on the top
  • And just click on the game and you will see the update but and click on update button and the game will be started to updating the next version.
  • When the earth update is complete just open your game and you will see that the new features have been added in the game.

Pubg Mobile New Update And Mode Download

Pubg mobile new update and Mod download, pubg mobile is one of the best game and also the new update is here in which you can kill the zombies and can earn many rewards such as legendary outfit new guns skin and also in the future pubg will also add many more thing which you will be able to get by playing this is zombie mode game.

Mode Download

And the name of this best exclusive update is also exclusive so the name is virus is leak and the zombies are back. There is also a trailer which has been released on the YouTube of the pubg mobile official and if you wanted to see it on the social media.

Then you can easily see it on the Instagram or the Facebook and if you wanted to ,download the pubg mobile latest mode and the best update then you can easily download it from the internet or if you have a .Google Play store then just open the game and download it or update it and if you don’t have a Google Play store then go to internet and then search for the pubg mobile and install it with the new update.


In conclusion, the emergence of zombies in PUBG Mobile’s latest update brings an exhilarating twist to its already immersive gameplay. By incorporating this unpredictable element into strategic battles, gamers are kept on their toes and faced with ever-evolving challenges. Whether you’re battling against friends or exploring solo, this exciting update ensures that no two matches will ever be alike as players fight tooth and nail to emerge victorious in a world overrun by viruses and prowling zombies.

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