PUBG New Winner Winner KFC Dinner Event Released

New winner winner winner KFC dinner invent released ,hello friends welcome back to our blog and another article and in this article .I will give you the latest and the absolute news about the world famous action ,shooter, online and the multiplayer game in which you can connect with your friends.

or the random people from all over the world from any country, so in this game you have to land on the map loot the houses .and then go to fight with the enemies this is the very best action role playing game.

and now new update have been released in the game whose name is winner winner KFC dinner ,if you’re lover of junk food then you obviously know about the KFC. is one of the best food franchise in the world which serves the junk food such as pizza french fries ,burgers.

and many more junk foods and now PUBG officials also known as the player unknown battleground ,game have collaborated with the KFC franchise so now you are going to get the environment of the KFC with the KFC hotels KFC. junk food hotels and many more new things are going to be released and added in this update.

KFC themed sets in PUBG

KFC themed sets In PUBG ,as I told you that the PUBG also known as player unknown battleground game have collaborated with the KFC junk food franchise.

so now there is a new environment and the theme of the KFC have been added in the game ,and you are able to explore the many new things and all for the KFC themed is such.

as there are many new locations have been added like KFC hotels in which you can go and purchase the food to increase your health and the energy ,and also you are going to get many new premium outfit sets in which helmet, skin backpack skin ,gun skin as well as car is skin is included.

so you can obtain them by completing the matches and the task and also you can get them by spending the unknown cash, and unknown cash is the game credit of PUBG and you can purchase by spending money.

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