Get Free Lobby Dance Emotes In New Freaky Fiesta Update In PUBG

Get free lobby dance emote in new freaky fiesta update in PUBG mobile ,hello friends welcome back to our blog and .I am here with another article in this article, I am going to share the information and the new news about the world famous ,shooter online, and the multiplayer game with the billion of players from all over the world.

 and the name of the game is the PUBG mobile also known as the player unknown battleground game ,so this is the best game which is available on the internet such as you can download this game from the Google Play store or the app store or any other platform from you can download this game.

and now this game is going to be released with the latest Royal pass and if you don’t know what is royal pass so there is a royal pass in the game ,which is usually used to obtain the latest items of the game such as after every month the new royal pass will be released in the game.

and it will be released with the latest premium items they don’t repeat the items of the previous royal pass ,you get the latest items. so now everyone wants to get the new items of the freaky fiesta royal pass. and now in this royal pass you are going to get the lobby dance emote, so you are able to get it and dance in the lobby without any problem.

Latest premium Skin Of Crossbow

Latest premium skin of crossbow ,as I told you that the PUBG mobile .player unknown battleground is one of the best action, shooter and the multiplayer game so when we said that this game is action and the shooter game .so there is a various category of weapons which are available in the game.

and you can equip it to fight with the opponent enemies, and in the category and the list of the weapons there is a crossbow if you know about the weapons then you know that crossbow is one of the best ancient weapon .which have been used to kill the enemies.

and this weapon is also included in the weapon list of the mobile game and now the latest and the premium skin of this weapon have been released ,in the new freaky fiesta royal pass so don’t waste your time and get this skin of the crossbow and equip it and enjoy the game.

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