Latest Free KAR98K Sniper Skin Violet Volt In PUBG Mobile With Premium Items

Latest free KAR98K Sniper skin violet volt in pubg mobile with premium items ,hello friends back to our blog and another article in this article. I am going to share the latest information about the world famous, shooter ,online.

and the multiplayer game whos name is PUBG mobile also known ,as the player unknown battleground game if you are lover of first person shooter games with the playing with your friends .or other random people all around the world.

And then you will be in the love of the PUBG mobile game because PUBG mobile is one of the best action ,shooter online, and also the multiplayer game in the world.

there are billions of people’s are playing this game and enjoying this so there is a new update in the game and in this update you are going to get the, free KAR98 sniper skin who’s the name is a violet volt and this is the premium skin which you are going to get in the update.

And not only this KAR98K skin as you are going to get many new premium items for free without any problem, yes friends now you can get them for free without any problem and you can obtain them by completing the matches and the tasks which are given to you as a missions.

so if you don’t know about this them I will tell you all the information about this article so continue let’s continue our article without wasting time.

What Is KAR98K Sniper

What is a KAR98K Sniper ,as I told you that the PUBG mobile, player unknown battleground game is one of the best action games .so there is a various category of weapons is available in this game you got many explosives, crossbow ancient weapons.

as well as their are various categories of the guns there are as old rifles, and handguns, short guns also there are many best snipers so there are three best the first one is awm, second one is the M24 and the third one is a KAR98K.

is so the KAR98K  is one of the best gun in the PUBG game you got six bullets in a magazine. and you can get this gun in any house which is available in the location of the PUBG mobile maps so this game is a little hard to find in the game.

and when you find it you can set it with the 6x scope or any other scope and can fire the bullet of this gun to the head of the enemy and the enemy will be knocked down in only one bullet.

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